MS is not just an egotistical disease

— MS is not just A disease : It’s egotistical too —


msIt likes to flaunt their MS colors, and boast of their properties, but they stole it from other people.

I received an email of MS changing their service agreements and their privacy rights, but it’s your privacy rights they’re changing. They don’t mention that. It goes into effect on September 15th, 2016. It’s the same doublespeak that we’ve had to agree to since MS came on the social scene with the DOS program.


The rise of corporation’s power in the govt has been going on, longer than I’ve been alive. They want more power over the people, not just the govt, and they’ve been doing that, with these senseless agreements over the years.

It’s feeding the CEOs with profits, and these agreements only maintain their power. It’s a fact, that someone has a good idea, then they deserve the profits that came with that idea.

The CEOs only manipulate the data that serve the profits.

Capitalism is OK, when it’s pure, but today’s capitalism is about as corrupt as sewer water.  You wouldn’t want to drink that. The profits are sewer water, and the profits that the CEOs drink goes through a filtering out the pollution of corruption.



I sound conspiratorial, but I’ve been watching a lot of Terminator movies. In fact, I’m watching the first Terminator movie from 1984 tonight. Where machines are taking over the world, and the terminator robots are going back in time to kill the insurgents.

Well, since corporations hire robots and fire people, I take it as the corporation’s fault, the mess that we have in the world today.

They’ve laid down profit driven highways for us to get around in our consumer cars. Our bodies, that we live in are our vehicles that we drive around on the profits paved streets.

Designed by the corporations for the machines that will replace people as workers, and the machines need a power source. The People will become like batteries for the machines, and live in their virtual world fantasies, and fill the Matrix.


We all need to escape this reality, and these movies are our escapes. It points out the realities, and how we interpret those realities, bring us closer to understanding, or radicalizes those understandings to some off the wall conspiracy. We could find enlightenments or confusions, it all depends on your perspective of our future.

MS privacy agreements only gives them more power over your life.

What does privacy matter, if you have nothing to hide?

MS just want’s to steal it from you to add to their coffers. Data is the new treasure. It has been, since the birth of the internet.

You could waste your time, cause MS is going to do it anyway.

I’m seriously looking into the many distributions of Linux. Though the support is lacking, and the software is lacking too, but it’s getting better and better over the years.