Super Delegates : The Ones who won’t Let Go

— Super Delegates : The Ones who won’t Let Go of Power —


Super Delegates, the ones who were in office, and when their term ended… they refused to go home to their old jobs. Now, they’ve been titled Super Delegates.

It takes the votes away from the people, and feeds the power to the special interests controlled by multinational corporations. A true architectural design by fascists, where corporations when their threatened, they just move to another country.



I‘m sure they will justify their positions with whatever BS is right in their minds. They’ll get away with it, until the people rise up and take their power away.

A revolution will take place, but the future seems dark picking between these 2 candidates. They’re both dark creatures to me, they both serve the corporations rather than the people. The corporations is what is taking this country down the warpath… mainly the defense corporations.

It has been said before by Gen. Smedley Butler, after World War I. President Eisenhower during his farewell speech where the term military industrial complex was coined. Both were Generals in the military, so they know about what they’re were talking about.


I hope this revolution will be peaceful. Also, I thought the money servants, like the Donald, were a reality TV show joke and no more.

I don’t know the future, but I have a firm vision of it. It details events upon events, that could change it in a blink of an eye, or take it down a different road.

With the future so undetermined, I see fools talking like they’re the big picture, but they’re only a character in the big picture. We all are in, the big picture.



Super delegates are only a small part of the big picture, but they have the political power.

Too much political power, if you ask me, or anyone in the electoral processes.

Political beheadings is a barbaric term that would do it justice, but that is daesh(IS) ways. Not physically, but metaphorically behead their powers. Take away their powers that be. I’m not a violent man, but I’m pushed daily to violence.

People in power taking advantage of the ignorant. They tell them they’ll get jobs, but those jobs are for their survival. Survival jobs are a slave’s jobs.

Who wants to be a slave?

Earning enough to get by, but not saving for anything but survival.


We go to war to serve the corporations in the armament industries, and they make their living out of continual death/war. We are their pawns that they choose where to send us, in their next move on their chessboards.

Like a game of Risk, they send armies to take over the world. We are those armies, and our enemies are with those ideologies that divide us, and choose our enemies for us.

NO, to super delegates, is my vote for both parties… in fact get rid of the parties too. It’s so communistic, and that was a totalitarian govt that failed. Capitalism is bad when it’s corrupt, but good when we have a fair and free market, which hasn’t been since ever. The theory is there, but to enact it is a nightmare.

My vote is NO to super delegates, and I’ll just leave it at that.