Where’s my Money Honey

— Where’s my Money Honey —


dollar-592511_640Money the universal term for the economic values of nations. The world runs on money as a fuel, and the true fuel is left to serve a bogus fuel.

A perfect world would use love as the fuel, but today love serves the basic needs of money, which instills the corruptions of greed in the fuel lines. We display our sorrows through racism to deflect from the real problem, we suffer from dirty fuel lines, and all the filters we set in place, only clog up and need to be replaced.

Economic algorithms are the filters that we place, but never fix the corruptions, they only guide the fuel lines. They’re just lifeless numbers, which are the food of the greedy, and multiply the populations of the corruptible. We breed corruptions and multiply the populations of the greedy.

I understand the basics of money as a trade component, where credit is given with love, and needs to be the fuel, cause love has never clogged up except for our sins, but it was never love that clogged up.

In fact it’s our sins of greed and corruptions that clog up the money lines, and twist the love definitions, so that it’s confusing to say the least.

Love is the most powerful force on this planet, but love never boasts of it’s power, it looks to multiply from spreading its love, free of charge. Who doesn’t like love, no one, from what I’ve seen.

No one wants charity, cause it means they give up their independence, and pride, another sin, stands in to defend that right. Charity has been a twisting of love’s meaning, now it’s filled with hidden agendas that look to gain from the true charity’s spirit.

Today, charity is a big business, and is filled with corruptions and misguided agendas.

Money is what is focused on as a salvation spirit, but it never has been focused, for what it is, an inanimate object that we place value on, like an idol or some other superstitious relic. It raises hallucinations in your mind to be more than it is.

We magnify its importance to be something more, that is not real, an illusion or a delusion, to lead us like a fish on a line. This is where the fish walk out of the water and teach the rest of the fish to confront the fishermen, not as their prey, but as their brothers and sisters through love.

Mankind has masked love with sex and intimacy, it’s time we sought out the true love’s meaning, it’s only a mask of what we want love to be, but there is so much more to love, that we can’t even imagine.

So we need to create a money system that is subservient to love, cause love is not keeping records or looking to gain, so should the money system be, but long as we will not seek the true meaning of love, then the corruptions and errors will continue to multiply, and the populations will continue to suffer.

Love is an aspect of God, and the love of money is root of all evil in this world, but there is so much more to God than love, cause God is as vast as the universe itself, our imaginations seem lost in trying to comprehend the fact of the enormity of God.

All I know that we print that we trust in God on our money, we should practice what our money preaches.



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