Telephone Game

— Telephone Game (Chinese Whispers) —


These guys made a more erroneous point than the one I was making, of making with the telephone game being compared with the interpretation of the spirit of truth. The spirit of God was the first whisper, and I made the next person the copy of the understanding, not what was written… what was understood of what was written, is what I was talking about.

When God speaks is a mystery in itself, and what we understand is the second whisper in the chain, and with each translation into another language and so on, the meaning loses its purity of understanding. There has been things said in Arabic that can’t be said in English, according to my Arabic friends, it loses its meaning in the translations.

Claiming you understand all of it’s purity of the spirit of truth, is like a madman claiming to know everything with a hurt ego.

You look like a person who is drowning, and when I go out to rescue you you try and pull me down with you, I’ll leave you with this floating tube the “Spirit of God“… maybe you can learn from this while you’re trying to drown people.



If you take what was understood of what was said that’s the second whisper, the 1st whisper was the Spirit of God, and the translations are the 3rd and 4th whispers, and the translations of translations there you get into changing the messages or making them more clear, and some are outright distortions, I wasn’t talking about what was written, so this rebuttal is just as erroneous, as me in my rebuttal of trying to fit God in a cage of my understandings.

“Understanding” is what I meant by the message of God, it seems we have different understandings of the same words, the experiences that I experienced in my life, are different than your experiences, but when we hear that the “Spirit of God“, if it was a ghost chaser person, he would try and capture the ghost, which is a delusional understanding, or a perfectly rational man would question “what is the spirit of God?”, cause we don’t believe in ghosts, which is another delusional thought.

Two conflicting thoughts, but they’re both delusional, and then we come to a pious zealot, and he comes up with his own interpretation of the “Spirit of God“, he would magnify it with flowery words that his ego made up to flatter the spirit of God, God be the judge, but every person has a different interpretation or understanding of the “Spirit of God

If you continue to pass on that misunderstanding, of the first copy of the spirit of God, you’re passing on lies of the word of God.

The word without the Spirit of God, is dead, and all the repetitions make it brainwashing by the intelligent agencies, according to Goebbel “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

What is written must be accepted with the Spirit of God, or it’s loud clanking cymbals makes a lot of noise, but no understanding to accompany it… like programming a robot.


Satan has been known to do that, I personally don’t believe in Satan, he just a passing thought that capitalizes on mankind’s imperfections, recognizing him in fear only gives him power that he doesn’t deserve. The fallen angels are like a fallen woman claiming that she can’t get up, like in those commercials, I’m not making fun of the frailties of aged, those commercials are making fun of them to capitalize of those situations.

I can see the importance of getting needed help, but the marketing companies designed that commercial that has resurfaced with different actors, since the late 80’s. The idea’s brings comfort to the aged, it quells their fears.

I was talking about the understandings from the written word which was the second whisper, and every understanding which were fed by Satan’s armies, the misconceptions that kept going on.

Think about your first understandings of God, did they change from today?  Then you didn’t understand Jesus when he said  “...And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven...”

The child grows up in this world teaching about God, which they never met, the child is amazed at the world and is not afraid of anything at all, and we raise him/her to be scared of the darkness, cause we’re afraid of darkness too.

I see the scriptures as a healthy reading material, but we use it as a cage for our understandings of God, you can’t cage God.

God is much more than that, I’ve been searching of God for all my life, and when I think I know God, God teaches me I know of God, but I’m delusional by my ego, to think I know all of God.

God is as vast as the universe, with all the complexities of space and all the astronomical of far reaching galaxies that are beyond our galaxy, the Milky Way.

God is the Milky Way and beyond, and our imaginations can’t comprehend our own earth, and we expect to understand the heavens. What’s wrong with this picture?

Jesus said “If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?“, which says what I’m saying, I don’t know about God, I only know what has been revealed to me by the world, and the spirit of the world, also by the spirit of God.

I’m haunted by God, but God is merciful, not like the spirit of the world, which lives by fear… I long for the day when the spirit of fear dies, and we attend that funeral.


Well this is the whisper game by the Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show and Julia Louis Dreyfus that inspired this rant, and I came up with the telephone game searching youtube for the telephone game, and came up with it’s a bad analogy, because God word’s didn’t change from the written words, it doesn’t matter that the words change with each translation. If people teach different translations with different understandings, it’s the understandings I made comparison to with the Telephone Game(Chinese Whispers).

The understandings of the word, look at the all the reformations with the Christian religions, it’s all over their understandings, Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, 7th Day Adventists, and the lists goes on and on with each new organ to be formed with the body of Christ.

He’s already a mutant, but we know there are good mutants, we know that from the X-Men.

This video is of more comparisons in the modern world, where we wear head distractions(cell phones, tablets, PC and Macs, and TVs) and try to understand what the other person is speaking of.

I’m beginning to think that mankind’s tongue be cut out, but that would be the quick way of putting mankind to sleep, and not very merciful, and would make me a terrorist, which I’m not.

I think I need to have my tongue cut out, it would make my life a lot easier… all I need is a card that says I’m a mute, and when someone ask me a question, all I need to do is present them with a card.

No more arguments.