Police murder

— Police murders under the Badge —


The police today are being militarized with a kill attitude, and ask questions later. There is a lot about Walter Scott that we don’t know, he was the one running from the Cop. So for the officer to say he was in fear for his life, while he fired 8 shots into the fleeing perp, is beyond my understanding.



This is a new disgrace for the law enforcement agencies, it mocks the law and order to a new degree. Which is sad for the authority of the cops, it took a nose dive this last year, in fact a couple of years this decade.

The militarization of police is against the freedom of the constitution with this war on terror, in fact it’s spreading domestic terror here at home, and the police who’s job was to serve and protect the public, we’ve recruited them to practice war here at home.

This mindset has to go, the days of the friendly Cop on the beat, has been replaced with a gun toting soldier, there is a 6th amendment talking about that, we have a right to speedy and fair trial. Police murders are running rampant lately.


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They saved face rather than justifying this for the sake of police authority, he tased him and that’s why he was running.

Do you think the taser pins were seated properly?

You don’t pull out a fatal weapon, because the taser didn’t work… I don’t know the adrenalin going through the cop at this moment. Adrenalin is a deadly drug, it’s like driving when you’re drunk, you make the wrong decisions.

Too bad there is no drug test that the cops have to take. No one should get a badge, if they can’t handle the adrenaline rushes, it’s driving a deadly vehicle while you’re drunk with adrenaline, it’s like a rage moment when you’re in an emotional moment where you don’t see clearly and rationally, and you have deadly weapon

Wake up Policemen/women, I know you’re better than that.