Prisons in an Old Walmart


Trump signed an executive order stopping separation of families with their children… it’s a shame that we resort to this… living with freedom by dictates.

Walmart, We built the Trump Wall

It may seem like a conspiratorial story, but it became true.

Abandoned Walmarts are becoming prisons, well, seemingly detention centers for children of illegal immigrants.

Children separated from their parents, who will be tried for being illegal aliens seeking asylum in the U.S.. That’s a confusing sentence to say the least.

The conspiratorialists   gave the govt, an excuse for all the empty Walmart’s use.



I guess the reasons of separation religions and state go out the window, when the justification of law is quoted by the disciple of Jesus  from an official of Govt.

The reasons of separation of state and religion, was in my views check on abuses of religious power in the Spanish inquisitions of abuse and torture. There were many inquisitions in Europe during that time in history.

The reason of wanting the separation of state and religion seems to have been forgotten in this time, and we go back to the torturous mindset that was incorporated into humanity during the inquisition days. In fact, the paranoia that has been in the minds of humanity all throughout history.

I view this as a free minds session…Sessions is the referee.

I find he’s out of order, in this battle with immigration. He doesn’t realize the cloak of  hypocrisy he wears, when he’s proclaiming the law, when Jesus summarized the law into just two commandments. Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and love one another, as you would love yourself.

Rather than getting better and simpler, we go back to our dark days… feeding on our prides and stubbornness.

I pray for the lighter days, and I hope I see brighter days before I die.


The Conclusion

Not this con by Trump, shining his pride like the Sun… blinding the people with the warmth of his promises. Which will be labeled as “Fake News”, when he’s challenged. He’s flip flopping like a dead dying fish on the shores of humanity.

He’s living the Art Of The Deal… he’ll be soon be living the art of the death, as we all will be dead.

Walls are for prisons, not openness and transparency. We become an isolationist regime, which was the reason of the fall of USSR. If that’s the road to freedom, to hide behind the wall, then we don’t deserve freedom.


They who can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” 
— Benjamin Franklin