It’s Up To You



This is the first song that we all wrote a line…maybe not. My sister saved this song and stored it in her basement, it’s slower than the original version.

With Audacity the digital recording software, it made the songs slower, sometimes a full minute slower,  this song by 30 seconds slower.  I’m thankful for that, the slowness. It changed the song to be more palatable to me.

Maybe the deepness of my voice, is what appealed to me. The rushing for the speed isn’t what makes the music good… it’s the little pauses that makes the music good.

Well, this here is the original speed… that we produced in NY in 1993 or 1994… it’s all a blur, it might have been 1992.


I‘m about to philosophize, so if you just wanted to hear the music, you can go, before I bore you.

Music is an art form, and it’s melodically dancing with silence. The rests and pauses make great dance partners with the notes and tones. Which is another art form in itself.

Songwriting is my forte, at least that’s what I tell myself. I have to live for something.

Since I’ve got into music, I always wanted to own it, to play it as my creation. Then I saw that music was everybody’s joy and motivation. No more was my ego, the loud asshole farting on the presence of music, but I began to appreciate it, for what it was.

Everyone’s passion, it supplied the motions for the dancers, and the joy to the listeners. It supplied all the emotions that people couldn’t speak of. The blues for the depressed, pops for the cheery, folk for the lyrically challenged, classics for the silent and quiet, there  is for every mood, that is consoled by music. I could go on and on into oblivion of the therapeutic values of music.

There is a song for every mood, that you’re in… and when you hear that song, it lifts you up. It gives you strength, or it misleads you to the darkside.  I long for the music that leads you to the light side of life.

My songs either confuse you, or lead you the light side of life… they may be corny, but it’s me. I believe in what I sing about…


“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music.”

― Aldous Huxley