Welcome to Happiness – Review

— Welcome to Happiness – Review —


I was surprised of the viewing of this movie, it was like a resurrection, since I was killed two days before when I watched the movie Calvary. The ending was what killed me, it was so sad.

This seemed to raise my spirits, cause I thought about the interconnectedness of mankind. Where one life is so totally dependent on the other.

Where the main character’s parents were killed by a drunk driver, and in turn that the drunk driver never abused his son anymore, cause he was sent to jail.

He had a button to make it all go away and see his parents again, or see the child abused again.


It was a deep and thoughtful film, and made you think about your own life, and the interconnectedness of the people around you. The butterfly effect, that a butterfly flapping his wings will effect something on the other side of the world, to sum it up.

It touched on more of my life, than your lives. I don’t know about your lives, so I may be wrong.


No  Spoilers

The movie is worth the watch, it’s not an action film, so a clear case for thoughtful thinking about you own lives. It’s all tied together with all the characters, and was an enjoyable watch. Unless you are an action addict, it’s more spiritually adventurous… the insides, is where the action and adventure happens.

Hopefully, you will be as blessed with it, as me.