Shine Like The Sun

Shine Like The Sun


This song was born from a nightmare I had when I was 20 years old, I was in a hospital and was pregnant, and giving birth. I was a male and incapable of giving birth, but I was going through a nightmare, and nothing made sense. It was stillborn, but by the end of the nightmare it was alive and crying.

The way I view the whole of life, at certain times. It never makes sense, or you have to figure it out, to make sense. It’s a job that I wanted to quit many times. The only problem is that it’s denied by the creator. It won’t be good for you.

I tried quitting, and all was denied to me… I tried ODing and I woke up blind, and hearing a voice in my head/mind saying I was blind before, and now you’re blind in reality.

That was before I met God, in fact the voice in my mind was God’s messenger. I can’t preach to you about God, you have to learn about God yourself. God is so vast and enormous, you can’t teach about God, cause all you see is about the size of a flea… which is a parasite. It isn’t all of God, after your whole life, you know about a microscopic part of God.

My view of God has progressed to being a man that got angry, to a group of men and women that got angry,  and finally to a spirit  to which is, what God is. Jesus is the real example of what God wants of us, but we were willing to murder him.

Such an example to mock… it’s sad really.

Anyway, that’s why I wrote the song…I just released it out of me.  Hopefully, it will make sense to someone