It’s weird getting into old age

— It’s weird getting into old age

Foster The People’s -“Coming Of Age”This song is a new song, and the line hit home with me:

“…And even when I’m wrong I tend to think I’m right
Well I’m bored at game
And too tired to rage… “

This blog/rant is my rage outlet, I feel like I’m boxed/caged and I feel useless, and what’s the point? Is this “coming of age” ? I thought that was puberty, but it seems it’s talking of old age, maybe its talking about both.

I question everything that is why I’m such a failure, well we’ll see at the end, if I’m a failure or not, I’m one heck of a procrastinator at least.

I tend to hold back to the point of surprising you with my moves, I even surprise myself.
I fail miserably or am graced beyond belief.

I’ve been graced beyond my belief, these last few years, with the education from sharing through FB, and cursed beyond belief through the censorship through FB too. So from the blessings and the cursings, I even out to big Zero, but their profits aren’t a big zero. Do I need to say more?

FB opened my eyes to a world of deceptions making games out of peoples lives, and making a profit out of it, by manipulating the masses to do their bidding. They share falsehoods to experiment on people, lets see how many people believe this, and after they share it, they take bets on the numbers achieved, but they’re only peddlers of lies.

Lies leaves wrinkles, and the deeper the lies, the deeper the wrinkles.

Wrinkles is a sign of age’s decrepitness. The more lies you tell the more wrinkles you bear on your soul, not reflected on your flesh, but on your soul. The flesh is weak and determined by what life you have lived is reflected on the physical body, but what is you, is the soul, and that bears what you have done in this life. I’m just repeating what has been said to me by what I call God, the spirit of reflection and prayer. It’s what lives in all of us, no matter your religion, it’s the inner voice within each of us.

It can be arrogant and humble, stern and loud, or it can whisper too… but it can deceive or be truthful too. Look at all the religions in the world, do they agree on one point?

That God is spirit, do we focus on that, as the one clear truth, we don’t try and find the spirit ,or that it exists. We go on and sell commodities to sell ghost costumes, and leave it at that.

The spirit is what is measured, by what we do not know.

It is measured by life, cause when God created us we became “living souls“, we didn’t get souls we became living souls, we had a body that would die, but our souls was us.

I don’t understand it, but I’m more aware of it than others, it might not be the right way, but I know that is not separate from ourselves.

It might take on a new light when we learn to measure the spirit.

Well whatever this was, getting older sucks, and then we die.


Isa 66:4 – “ I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears on them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spoke, they did not hear: but they did evil before my eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.”

These are men’s words of what God says, so they’re men’s interpretations of what the spirit said to mankind, and it leaves room for embellishments to what the spirit said, it depends on the person that’s saying it. If they’re verbose, then you can expect it to be more, then what’s said.

So, if you want to believe in terrorism as the way to justice, then get ready for WWIII.

Love is the way, not greed and false charities, where photo ops are the rewards, love is the blessings you bestow on the people, and a blessed life is your rewards.