Drones Formations in our Mind

— Drones Formations in our Mind —


Drones develop in our mind’s imaginations, and have been from the creation of them.

It started justifying them for surveillance, then the war on terror came and we became the terrorists, fighting fire with fire, like dragons in the heat of war against each other.

I know there isn’t another obvious way, one that seems plausible to someone hell bent on revenge, with an eye for an eye mentality.

Love is the strongest force on the planet, rather than torture the prisoners, you love them to death, and not carnally, but true love. Sincerely, you overcome the flames with water to quench the heat, rather than spread the burn further with more fire. I can see a burn wall to entrap them, but full floods then, to put the fire out… an excessive amount of love.

Well, that’s my theory to fight the war on terror, kill em with love, even it takes a lifetime, you can make love prisons where they are loved patronizingly, till they’re sick of it, and they can’t take anymore.

Like the British are so patronizingly polite, it’s sickening, but it makes me want to be polite and a better person. They killed me over a thousand times, when I lived there for over a year, and met the polite culture.

I’m going off on a tangent here, let’s get back to drones.

The fact that assassinations take place from drones, that is the Terminator movie scenes terror.

What is different from a bomb going off in a restaurant to kill people, then killing more than the target and calling it collateral damage. It’s cold blooded murder just the same, innocence is killed by both sides. The murder takes place on both sides when innocence is the victim.

I think all the cowboy video killers are just as bad as serial killers, then they don’t see the blood, they just get the thrill of the kill in a game.

There were a few who gave up the job and had true remorse, but they were labeled as weak and traitorous, but in my eyes they were stronger than they knew and did more than those who pushed the buttons.

We don’t get rid of terror by overcoming them with more terror, it’s my opinion at least.

It was the teachings of Jesus and his disciples, that gave me that outlook. It seems we are trying to make a way straight by making a windy road, where everyone gets lost by making the journey.

Oh All right, I’m getting lost with trying to make a profound point on drones, but I saw this as a terrorist act, this drone war, and I see Ron Paul’s blowback warnings coming true.

I’ll leave you with more stories that go off on tangents from the drones…but they are current events just the same, covering the hidden agendas behind the terrorist acts. It’s just basically a madman trying to tell us what God thinks, when he does everything ungodly that you can think of.