Domain Transfers…is…

— Domain Transfers…is… a Nightmare —

If you use a private registration, then it’s your own nightmare…cause nothing is private on the INTERNET. It’s private from everything else, including yourself, to verify the transfer.

SO I’ll give you a story/parable so you’ll understand…since everything we share is all hearsay, our imaginations run wild…and mine is in a cage of suspicions called the internet, where they bought the elite stations governing the data, and the parasites/spammers run wild.
People believing that the fiat money is gold, and doing the sins of greed for collecting the trash that is to be taken out and thrown out in the garbage cans, and to be taken to the landfill and buried for life, to be seen no more.

The cans are the consumer malls or the E-version Amazon, and such etc. They network together to build up a virtual army of like minded sinners of the elite, to guard and protect their stations, that govern the traffic.

This is therapeutic for me and me alone, but I want to share it with you too, I’m just ranting for my sake, this domain transfer debacle is a nightmare, and I want to share this nightmare with you, remember I share my perspective, I don’t know what going on in the minds of the registrar’s and reseller’s minds.

I imagine them as dumb, as they imagine me for being dumb… but their dumbness is actually criminal, my dumbness is actually laziness or forgetfulness, or even shyness; but not criminal.

I see the internet as a big crime family that has territories for extortion taxes, and if you don’t pay you’re blacklisted, they claim domains as a copyright property to be bought and sold. Yet it’s not physical property, only virtual property, it’s physical on the internet the land of virtuality.

So from now on I don’t respond to anything from 2Rains, cause it was hijacked, and is dead to me, I will have a funeral service for 2Rains, the S is a rebirth of the first death of 2Rain, which 2 was rebirth of Rain Studio that died in NY.

I made up because I was attacked by the Private Registration debacle/con for that is trapped on yahoo web servers and in the web server nightmare till 2018. I hope I’m dead by then.

Yahoo web services, is a bunch of puppets who don’t know anything without a script to follow, I’m not insulting their intelligence with the truth. We all are puppets to the elite that control the internet. It’s amazing to say the least.

DON’T GET PRIVATE REGISTRATION or you will live in your own nightmare with the maze of paranoid schizos and greedy businesses looking to capitalize on your own fears. This is documenting my own fears, which I hope to quell with this rant, it might not make sense to you, if you have private registration you might be able to relate to my nightmare, cause you’ve had the same dreams that turned into a nightmare.

I don’t want to confuse you anymore…DON’T GET PRIVATE REGISTRATION…spend the money another way. Like contribute to the blocking of SPAM, which is another can of worms that will take over your life. Spammers are taking the dark route to conquering the internet, they are liars like the politicians and all they want is your trust, and once they get it, you go in their bag to be forgotten about, but you put more weight in their bag.

Not all spammers are evil as I portray them, a lot of them are victims too. They were conned too in to believing they serve a noble purpose, but they’re just an annoyance to the privacy you value.

MelbourneIT has the login for the private registration email in the shadows, I will eventually find it, but they’ve worn me down to say the least with indifference. I’ve had to deal with their indifference to my problems, my problems is my inexperience with technological advancements, cause I was so busy with recovering from a stroke, that took 3 years from my life with treading water to keep my head above the waterline, but next time I’ll just drown, and leave you with this nightmare.

The only good thing is the education of the resellers and registrars that I got from Mark at, he brought me into another light, and lifted the burden of the weight of ignorance off of me, I’m still ignorant, but the weight of the burdens is less.