— Weather —


Weather, does it answer questions, or create more questions.

The winds that drive a top of the Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, talking about the space between the troposphere and the stratosphere where the jet streams exist about eight miles above the earth in the heights tropopause. The atmosphere is always changing, it the height of it, gets lower towards the poles, and it grows higher until it peaks at the equator.

“It extends from Earth’s surface to an average height of about 12 km, although this altitude actually varies from about 9 km (30,000 ft) at the poles to 17 km (56,000 ft) at the equator,…”

copied from Wikipedia on the Atmosphere

Here’s a couple of things on the jet stream.

The jet streams move the weather around the globe, there is four jet streams, two in the northern hemisphere, and two in the southern hemisphere.

The more I learn about the weather, the more questions I come up with, the more answers to the questions, gives birth to more questions. Like the answers make love to the questions, and the new questions are the offspring.

I’m amazed about the weather and the geoengineering going on with the manipulations of weather fronts and jet streams.

There is an effect called the Coriolis Effect, it depends on what hemisphere your in, and it effects the low pressure and high pressure systems direction of circulations, in the northern hemisphere the low pressure system turns counterclockwise, and in the southern hemisphere it turns clockwise. The following video explains it.



I know we are in the baby stages of geoengineering, but what awaits in the experimentation, will it be another Frankenstein to be born and wreak havoc on the population of the Earth, or will it be a successful experimentation that brings harmony to the population? I’m hoping for the latter.

Whatever the outcome, we need to know it’s going on, instead of these conspiracy nuts bringing these theories that are so misinformed, but true to a point.

There are evil people in the world, and I wouldn’t put it past them that they can manipulate the weather for weaponry, wealth, and power.

The love of power is the most destructive force on this planet, it’s what starts wars and distorts the truth, where the conqueror writes history, and the people just agree.

Those who look to conquer the forces of nature, take on God.

God is humble, but not be manipulated and abused, it makes God angry.

So, don’t make God angry, warn when you want to experiment on the people, because we the people are a part of God.