Omission is the same as lying

— Omission is the same as lying —

truth-257160_640The only thing wrong with omission, is the person lying?

When you cause my imagination to lie to myself, is worse than you blatantly lying to my face.

You use trickery by omitting the truth, and make me assume the rest of the story, when you know how my mind works.

Say you knew that you didn’t want to go to an event, but you assured me that you wanted to go, that has happened to me many times, more than I wanted.

The reason that they didn’t tell me the truth, was that “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings”, but you lie to me and hurt my feelings with the lie, and doubly by me finding out the truth.

So don’t give me the cowardly excuse that “you can’t handle the truth”, because I’m not afraid of the truth, and it might be hard to swallow, but I know it’s the truth. So I can bite off little chunks. So it goes down easy.

If it’s a lie that goes down, and never is digested, and usually is expanded by more lies. Until there is a tumor, that has to be cut out.

I’d rather know the truth in all it’s rawness, than to know the lie in all its rawness, which is cancerous, and needs surgery.

I welcome the truth, even if it’s ” Rich, you’re an asshole “. You think that way of me, then I welcome it, and usually I’ll say you’re entitled to your opinion. I’ll go to my death and defend your right for you to express your opinion, no matter how wrong it is.

That’s what this country was founded on, free speech, and free press, which are filled with errors and no accountability, but that’s what makes us free… and if you believe that, then I have swampland in Florida to sell you.

Freedom is such a farce, it is more of a goal on the horizon, and we should move towards it, but thinking we attain it in this life, is a farce. We have to keep going towards it, to attain it.

We reach freedom, and it is quickly tarnished by words defining it, so that it doesn’t shine, like it first appeared in our mind’s eye, and every word rub with the thoughts of polishing it, we make it more dull and cloudy.

We send the troops off to war to fight for our freedom, or do we send them off to die for no apparent reason than to line the pockets of the bankers and defense contractors for the sake of our pride. My pride is more trouble than it’s worth.

I’d rather have them alive and disagree with them with words, I’ll be quiet. They can beat me up with their words, I’ll be silent, I’d rather be hurt by someone expressing themselves, than to put a bullet through their heads to shut them up.

Omitting the warfare, from the social scene, is what I’m about.

I’m not the antichrist or the new messiah, I’m me and all that has been said, I’ll just echo and echo, and echo. You haven’t got the message in about 10,000 years, nothing I will say will make it any clearer. It’s all been said before, I have nothing new to tell you.

I only share my words a regurgitation of ideas and phrases, to put it in a new light, and eventually you’ll see it, maybe not the way I portray it, but you’ll see it as God is trying for you to see it.

The technological singularity I fear for you, that you don’t see it coming, before it takes over your lives and enslaves you. It’s already turning you into zombies, grab the cell phone and take a picture, rather than help the person out of the situation.

Before Facebook, I was blind and a fool, but now I’m aware and a just the same lame fool.

There is good in Facebook, the good is the people that make it.

There are many lies on Facebook too, that’s the bad, but I would be remiss in denying any good to come out of Facebook, cause it made me a better person, I should say gave me the opportunity to be a better person, would be a more realistic view of Facebook, cause I see a lot of fools becoming a far better worse person on Facebook too.

I guess it’s how you were raised or not raised, I was raised to honor truth, no matter how I was raised, I’ve been known to lie out of fear. Well, I will fear no more. You have to forgive me, if I seem rude, cause I will say what’s on my mind, no matter how hard it is, but I will try to aim it at inanimate objects than at your feelings.

I will try.