Threats to the US – Paranoia Extremes

— Threats to the US – Paranoia Extremes —



Paranoia brings awareness to the surface, like a submarine coming out of the depths of the oceans. It’s how you interpret those fears, that could be a major problem for you.

The internet of things is a new term of the new technological devices that share data between each other, and that make our lives much easier, but they don’t take into account the security, and how easily they’re hacked.

Paranoia extremes let loose and wild, will create havoc, cause rationality to be absent, and it will be full of conjectures and incomplete truths.


Paranoia extremes is like Alex Jones on crack. He’s aware, more than most, but there are times he has a distorted view. That goes past the rational mind, and gets high with emotions. He uses emotional truth as the weapon, that wants to persuade the many followers to buy the truth that he’s selling. He brought truth to my attention many times, but not as the only source. I researched it more, and learned he was incomplete in his truth, and his conjectures were displayed as the truth.

This isn’t supposed to be an Alex bashing article, it’s hard not to talk about him when you’re talking about paranoia. He goes to extremes at times, and accuses the wrong people with his assumptions.


Russia,China,North Korea, and Iran are not exempt from paranoia’s grip, also Israel is in this mix of paranoia extremes too. The dangers of paranoia, once it crosses the border of emotions, it can grow wild, and needs to be pruned, so that it’s fruit doesn’t turn out to be poisonous and rotten.

NATO is the major force of paranoia in the world today, along with any organization that supports the peace through warfare. It’s paranoia’s seeds. They plant their seeds wildly.

Russia never joined NATO, and has been threatened many times by NATO’s objectives, since they’re a military force.

Espionage is Russia’s fruit of the paranoia tree, the same can be said with every nation on this planet. Espionage is the fruit of all paranoia. Espionage is the veins and arteries of the body of paranoia, as long as espionage lives, there will be paranoia, cause it supplies the blood to the body of paranoia. The beast of burden, trying to prove their paranoid suspicions.

China has been the silent majority on the world stage, and doesn’t belong to NATO either, but that’s the far East. A region of the world I’ve never visited. We have the economic problems there too, where the currency of the different nations are all protecting their own currencies, and seeking to trade in their currency. I’m not an economist, in fact I have a deep hatred of economic currencies, so I never took economics in college. I figured I’d learn about it eventually.

What I learned of it, it is a scam. Wasting time learning of it, when it’s bound to change at the next trend that the economy follows.

I understand the currency and the commodity principles, but not the confusing terminologies that come with it. Trying to understand economics, is like trying to understand the derivatives market. I felt like I was being flushed down a toilet with the different definitions of derivatives.

My head was left spinning. Trying to write this post makes my head spin too; a sane paranoia makes you aware, but an insane one makes you crazy. What I’ve been more times than not, but I have a firm grip on the reasoning properties of truth. That makes me sane again, reasonably in a short time, but takes me for a wild ride with many G Forces being applied in the wild spins.

I just read the G Forces definitions, and my head is spinning again.


I just want to warn you of paranoia, it can be healthy, and beneficial in awareness of the world around you, but quick to judgment on conjectures and assumptions is unhealthy to your mental health.

You don’t know all the facts, I’ve been searching for all the facts, and I know about .0000001% of the truth from my 58 years of searching.

Stay sane, and don’t be to into paranoia extremes, or you will be a fool in the end.