Propellerhead : Reason 8

— Propellerhead : Reason 8 Trial Version —


LAST UPDATE: I finally authorized it, where I don’t have to login on the internet anymore. The program was a nightmare to authorize it, and is why I never heard of it before. It’s geared towards old school people, which are slow reflexively towards the truth, but I’m a turtle along with many other animals…running the marathon, called earthly life.

Now I can get creative with it, along with learning how to use it…which makes me slow, I’m already slow in mind, so I should feel creative with ease.

This will be my last update on the Reason8… yay, this authorization debacle is over.



UPDATE2: I’m having a nightmare trying to authorize REASON8, I’ve been having to think technically and creatively, and recovering from a stroke that left me trying to think and be mobile, I actually gave up music… that was in 2005. And after a decade without music in my life, I began seeking all the new music by the new musicians…at least hearing them again.

So I bought Reason8, I’m beginning to regret that purchase, that was 10 days ago, and I had to buy an ignition key, and I can’t even delete the demo version on the propellerhead site. I registered the one I bought from Amazon, but authorizing it has been a nightmare.

When I open Reason8, it’s always showing the startup screen asking me to login, and not recognizing the ignition key. They just started allihoopa, maybe they’re too busy with that. I just downloaded the new code meter, but I haven’t installed it yet. I started a number of them already, the different versions.

Maybe it’s my security software that won’t let me authorize it…

I’m guessing I’m going to put one more update here, but it’s not looking good for Propellerhead.



UPDATE : I found when I open Reason 8, I have to be connected to the internet, that is the major scam from Propellerhead, that displeases me. They say they don’t want to own my music, but the inconvenience is making me raise a middle finger in my mind to the writers at Propellerhead. I know when I get used to the major headaches from using Reason 8, I will learn how to make an ignition key/dongle.

Also the Seaboard Rise doesn’t communicate with Reason 8, it does communicate, but the expressions that seaboard rise does doesn’t transmit, also has a way of interfering with the program Equator, when I close the Reason 8, the Equator works fine, but when I open Reason 8, the Equator program doesn’t work with the seaboard rise.

I’ll wait till Wednesday till I receive my Reason 8 from Amazon. There will be a book, I hope to read, rather than go online. I’m an old school type… books instead of screens.




I figured I had to get a new software system to get back into music making, since I bought the Roli Seaboard Rise, and I had to get something besides all the old systems out there. That would record MIDI and Audio, and I’m thinking I need a new Laptop. Though I could record on a laptop I bought 2 years ago, rather than this one.

This one has Sony Vegas 10 on it. I bought the Vegas when Sonic Foundry was the owner, but over the years they sold it to Sony.

Sony is one of my enemies, at least the musical pirates that think they own the music.


Anyway, this Propellerhead Reason 8 software for multitrack and MIDI looks promising. I hope it works for me. I’m an old analog man, but I understand the basics of digital audio. I bought my first DAW in 1991 or 1992, my memory is shakey. When you get older there is a danger of prefabbing memories, not that you lie on purpose, it happened in your mind, and you believe it, it just might be filled with errors.

Spectral Synthesis was that first DAW that I bought, and I had 4 SCSI drives of about totaling 400 GB, which was huge back then, now it’s terabytes.




I‘m going with Propellerhead Reason 8 multitrack minus the video properties, but I guess there is a way to sync it to Vegas, this is an impulse move, so I downloaded the 30 day free trial, rather than spending close to $400 version. If I don’t like it, I won’t feel so bad, but I think I’ll buy it, according the sales team presentation.

I’m downloading it now, which could be a few hours to finish, and setup so I could get back to work. I’m thinking the setup won’t work, cause the Realtek is only showing Mic inputs, and not the soundcard inputs. Going through the mic is a hollow sound, and not the chips on the soundcard. There is a way, but not this Acer, cause I took off all the software that came with it and loaded the Windows 7, and screwed up the hardware for this device, and I think that I need to load the drivers again.

Acer is not very user friendly with their hardware configurations.


I just saw the Balance for the Reason 8 USB Audio interface for the computer, it has a clip protection button. I’ve been searching for the price, but it has been like pulling teeth. They must’ve had problems with it, cause I haven’t seen a price, even at the Propellerhead site. I go to the distributor’s sites, and they say they no longer carry it.

Whatsup wit dat?

It has a lot of audio inputs, so the interface with the computer is great, but what’s the price?

I ordered the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Compact USB Audio Interface, I’m not sure if it has clip protection, which I guess is a limiter/compression filter. It says they come with VST plugins, but VST isn’t compatible with Reason 8.


I want to setup a small studio in my bedroom on my laptop, where I can feel relaxed, and compose with the tools on Reason 8. This looks complicated without draining my pockets, cause I have to buy this thing to do that. I went through that in the 80’s and 90’s, and after 2004 when I had the stroke, I went into hibernation mode.

I don’t want fall into that trap again, it’s easy to be fooled into buying anything and everything with the marketing practices going on today. Where lying is the practice.

Yeah you could do that, but you need to buy this too.

I’ll wait for the input device I bought from Amazon, and hope all goes well… I think Sony Vegas takes VSTs. Well, it should be on the interface itself, where you push a button, and have no worries of overloading and clipping.


Well, I broke down and bought Reason 8 from Amazon. The Propellerhead site was more expensive than the Amazon site.

Anyway, the things I can do with it is more than I need to know right now.

I have to learn what it does, but the sound mastering is astronomically superb, by my assumptive imaginations. That has always been disappointing to me. Hopefully, I’ll be graced with excitements this time.


Here is a playlist of what you can do with this program such as tutorials. There are many more other software packages you can add to it for a price. That’s the only kicker…