Waste of Time

— Waste of Time : Blackhole called the Internet —


Waster of time, called the internet, I see so much promise in it, but like a politician’s mouth the promises come out, but they’re never fulfilled the way you expect them.  I woke up pissed off today, and it seems to get worse as each moment passes. I woke to this, and I wonder why I’m pissed when this is our future.

I see the Internet as the reason for my displeasure, it offers so much promise and potential, but it fails to deliver the way it was presented. It connects instantaneous communication all around the world, but the connections are not secure with the concept the Internet of Things.

Where sensors are growing out of control, like a new born baby, where the sensors overwhelm him/her. The new world order is that baby.

It’s the embryo stage of the new world order, with us playing God and creating our own creations. AI and the internet of things, we create the body and its intelligence, and think that’s a good thing. We believe it should go on and not be regulated, cause it offers more progress, the only thing wrong with that scenario, you don’t build a safety net that will save your life when you come to the edge of the fiscal cliff, and you fall off, usually by someone else’s push.

Competition is blind that way, where you are looking over your progress, and your competition is looking over your progress too. It’s blind to the overall picture of things, it’s blinded narcissism… with a narrow view. Where the competition is the only thing you see, and the rest of the world you are blind to.

It’s a fact of life, you need a narrow view and a wide view, there will come a time for the future view, but I don’t want to confuse you, it confuses me, and I don’t know how to make it make sense of it, now.