Humor on a Sad Refugee Subject

— Humor on a Sad Migrant and Refugee Subject —


If you heard about this on the southern border of the US, then it could be compared to the EU borders.

Fox News giving their misrepresentation of the old footage, which was 5 years before the migrant and refugee crisis, their motto is “fair and balanced”, but they don’t require honesty in reporting the facts… it’s more like “distorting the facts”.

Every person alive deserves the same chances as the next person, without condescension, which may be polite in your own mind, but condemning in the mind of that one you’re patronizing.

People feel vibrations, though you wear a cloak of politeness, they feel the underlying feelings that wears the cloak of politeness, and it doesn’t truly hide the ugly feelings.

They know it and feel it, though it’s hidden behind smiles and facades.





Then there is this sad Subject…  Why are We so Unhappy?

I’m like Jason Silva, “I haven’t resolved that yet”


“It is of the nature of desire not to be satisfied, and most men live only for the gratification of it.”

– Aristotle



Whatever you buy and consume, their is always more to buy and consume… consumerism is like a cancerous growth on the body of mankind. Like all cancerous growth, it’s fermenting sugar. The respiration of oxygen decreases, and the need for more sugar, like a junkie for his/her next fix, and with the current food supplies there is plenty of sugar to feed everyone’s fix.


I haven’t resolved that yet, I haven’t resolved that yet.

I don’t want to resolve it… it needs to be squared away with the people first… the raw unbridled truth.