Creative Sparks?


To Start a Creative
Fire in your Heart.

When you’re lost in the forest of thoughts, and Wondering takes control, and becomes a tyrant taking away your freedoms… but you seek truth and freedom, and rebel against control from the tyrant “Wondering”, and now you feel free.

Free to clear your thoughts from being so cluttered, chopping them down at will, and organizing them for the forest truck to pick up the thoughts/trees. The lumber of scrap wood, that you collect with the forest truck.

It makes you become creative, you have the materials to construct something creative in the future.

I guess this is a lesson in creative writing, it’s a class I was obsessed with, in College classes. I started many short stories, that transformed into novels, that I never finished… it was another failure, that I had to carry.

The story started out simply, and I got lost in the conundrums section of the woods… and discovered a tall wall of named impossibility/paradoxes, and no matter how far I searched for a way around that wall, I discovered more paradoxes to carry.

It was a lot of junk to carry, but like a hoarder, it was hard to throw away… with a large bag of paradoxes of time travel to carry throughout your life.

I needed a cleared field to sit, and ponder the visions of my mind, instead of the woods, that crowded my mind’s thoughts/trees section, where I could get lost in the woods.

Lost in my thoughts, in otherwords… other worlds.

Fantasies bring you to other worlds, and give you new insights to the world of Earth, and gives you new ideas to infect it with, or make it better with.

Inventors are world travelers, without rockets or UFOs, as vehicles, but with the mind and imagination as your vehicles. You don’t go there physically, but virtually in your mind… you see your invention at work on the world you visit, and you wake up, and you home, with a bag of Ideas in your head.

You need to go to war with “Wondering”, and enslave them, so they are subjective to your thoughts, and serves your wants, instead of the tyrant’s wants… it needs to have the tyrants guards down, so dialogue reigns supreme, and two way communications happens, without obstacles within your mind.

  It’s the road to successfulness, where two or more different voices, has a clear communications between each other, like the neurons in your brain.

It can drive you mad, or enlighten your minds… faith heals your minds, you become successful, or you go mad in a mental institution… the crazy house.

Sometimes, both, and you end up in jail on corruption charges, or some other dark corruptive forces charges.

I guess you see me as a delinquent mind, but you don’t know what worlds I went to, or I visited, in my mind’s travels.

Heck, I can’t even remember either, cause I’ve crippled my mind’s cognitive abilities with drugs… so “DUH” is all I have to say about it.

But faith heals me, and I take/steal another breath from this world, and I want to make it a better world, but all I see is corruptions, and unless I can clear them up, so I have free traveling without the stumbling blocks of corruptions blocking my paths.

I know that you need protections from the stumbling blocks, but the ignorance spectacles that you wear, isn’t doing its job, to keep them in check… it only propagates them.
Where it resembles war ruins, and we have to clear up the corruptions after the war has ended, only to face the same problems in the future of wars to come.

It seems hopelessness of an existence, unless you stop propagating corruptions, but corruption is there for a reason… and only the supreme being knows what reason that is. It might be God’s waste material that builds up in God’s system, and God needs to take a shit or piss, which God names it “Corruptions”.

It might be God’s waste material, and is fertilizing the Earth to grow so many diverse plants… which Jesus made a parable up speaking of that with seeds. The Earth has fertile soil, and desert soil with little nutrients, but things grow in the most infertile nutrient soil… some plants need water to grow and thrive, and some plants are succulent, that need very little water, like cactuses.

There is a variety of beauty in this world that God designed, or science designed, but I see it as another corrupt religion, thievery made legal. No one sees it all, but they want control, which is want science does thievery made legalized.

It’s another sin of humanity, all along with the other garbage trucks on their way to the dump.

The corruption dumps, or fertilizer factories, you have to decide that in your development… with rational and clear thoughts… where true liberty lives and breathes.

So I planted a seed in your minds, and whether it’s a crop seed, or a weed seed, they both have a purpose to eat, or grow for beauty to fill the world’s scenery.

It’s a weed, until you discover a purpose for it, then it becomes a crop.