Deniability, instead of Transparency

— Deniability, instead of Transparency —

Correction: He was shot 3 times, by the most recent news.


Looking for another Ferguson debacle, I think not.

Read this NY Times article speaking about the incident.

Rational minds need to take control, not emotional minds. Emotional minds are out of control, without a rational assessment of the situation. There is hope with rational minds assessing everything in a situation, looking for the truth.

Emotional minds look to manipulate the public, like the propaganda of the mainstream media’s agenda driven news. It’s news, but its presented in a way to fill their agenda’s goals… also in commercials looking to sell things based on emotions, the core of all propaganda.


I know if I broke down on I-95, I would be leery of any vehicle pulling up to the broken down vehicle I was in, and since it was an unmarked vehicle, I would be twice as leery, and also the officer was in civilian clothes, I would be three times as leery.

He probably bought the gun for protection for his job as property inspector with the Delray Beach Housing Authority, they never said that he fired the gun at the officer, so why did the officer fire two times.

In fact he was running away from the officer, when the second shot by the officer was shot, which by my guessings, was the kill shot.

This video from his cousin, would be my guess too.




The media madness of pushing the black against white madness, only stir the boiling pot of racism and division, setting us at odds against each other.

It’s been going since I was alive in Brooklyn, walking through the projects which was declared the black neighborhood, and one meeting with kids, younger than I was, when they passed they shouted racist remarks.

I kept walking and when I passed others, there was a friendly exchange of nods. I was about 13 or 14, it was a long time ago. I just found it was different than what I expected it to be, and all my friends went the long way around to the movie theaters, they went through the white neighborhoods.

With the world going through proxy wars, and this racial tension here in the states, there seems to be no peace and harmony, it seems we thrive on the havoc of violent video games, and war music.


There has to be the road to peace and harmony in the future, or has everyone given up seeking the good life, are we are turning into people seeking fame, pleasure, and fortune.

I see it as that, I call a dark future, a dark future… it may be pessimistic some would say… the optimist, would say a dimly lit future.

I would like to hear the worst, and think of ways around that dark future, cause that’s the solutions… calling it dimly lit, is just pacifying your fears. I would rather face my fears…and deal with it.




These are videos of his band members speaking of Corey’s character:



This is Corey Jones playing with his Grandfather’s Church band



And below is the playlist I came up with in researching this story, I have a lot of time with my broken leg.