New Vistas

— New Vistas : The Internet, the Good and the Bad views —


With the internet connecting the world with different views of that world, it has it’s good points and bad points. We balance them out in surfing the web, and we meet many obstacles dealing with falsehoods, and outright lies cleverly disguised as truths. Those are the ugly aspects of the WWW, but there are good points too.

Here’s another Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe videos, talking about the new vistas that come from the internet, but excluding the bad, that accompanies the good. I’m here to balance it out for you… he’s the positive one, and I’m the negative one.


“Is information on demand eliminating our capacity for wonder?”


Though I agree with all the positives, I also like to be aware of all the negatives, so they don’t blindside me with the harmful things they do.

I agree partially with Socrates, the textual aspects do atrophy our brains, but the textual aspects also enhance our minds by what we read, cause it opens new ideas and thoughts to our thinking processes.

The internet with the info on demand, when we need it, it’s the dulling of our senses, or making us more sensitive, I don’t know which. It dulls it, by the easiness of the retrieval process, which makes us more sensitive also in the obstacles that it produces. Which makes it confusing to me.


You want to find a restaurant close to site that you want to visit, and you google it, and there it is… you either will like it or hate it, but you can read the reviews. The old ways were by trial and error, where you ate and hoped for a good meal and good service.

The restaurant found by the internet, you get the easiness of the search, and spoiled by the reward before the event, unless you’re reading false paid reviews, where as, the other way you get wonder before and after the event. One is more sensitive and one is more dulling. I haven’t decided which is more sensitive or more duller.

The ease of the internet one is more sensitive like the pea and princess story, but the old way one is more sensitive in the wonder aspects. I see a plus on both ways, but I also see the ugliness of both ways too.


“All of life is filled with beauty and ugliness, you just have to see it, and grow accustomed to the ugliness, cause it makes you grow closer to the beauty.”


Not accept the ugliness, but don’t judge it, cause that makes it spread… accept it for what it is, don’t be complicit with it, that’s the judgment. Don’t let it bother you, cause that stains the beauty of the view.

Think of the world without the ugliness, there would be nothing that beauty could be compared to. Shadows give definition to the details of a photo, and the views becomes more beautiful. Light and dark, work together and define the big picture.

The world is beautiful, that life is born here, that is the beautiful part, and that we die, that could be a beautiful part too, cause we move on to another place.

I like to think that part of science is true, energy can be neither created or destroyed, when we die we go somewhere to take another form… reincarnation, sleep, or another world, but we leave this life.


“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Albert Einstein


Relativity theories are beyond me to understand, but they make me wonder.

I’ve spent my life thinking of different things, some might call it primitive and some might call it simple, but it’s been filled with wonders and disappointments, much like any man/woman alive today. We think of different things, but the rewards are all the same, wonders and disappointments.