WAR = Crimes !

— WAR = Crimes : That’s all there is in the news today—




It seems that’s all there is in the news from the day I was born, probably until the day I die.

I see it as a crime against humanity, everyone does too, but they do nothing to stop it. They create games to further the soldier mentality, shoot first and ask questions later. Though after they’re dead, how are they going to answer you?

The Russians blew up a courthouse filled with civilians in Idlib, Syria, and also carpet bombing with cluster bombs by the Syrian and Russian air forces, which is illegal according to international law making the rules of war.

I’m not mentioning who came up with the cluster bomb idea, it was the U.S., I stand corrected it was before my time, it was the Germans in World War II.


I see all killing as mass murder and terror, so I condemn every war. I see it as a crime against humanity, and I will not change my mind. I like shooting a gun for target practice, but not shooting a living thing. I went through that stage with my 22 caliber rifle when I was a teen. I was shooting every animal, bird, and toads, and after I killed them, I sat solemnly asking myself why I killed them, and I never could answer myself.

I didn’t need food, or was defending myself, that was not the answer. I was terrorizing the animals. I felt like a terrorist. It made me grow closer to God, cause I thought it was God asking me that. Why do you want to kill?

I never could come up with an answer to justify it, they were not threatening me.

We lock up serial killers, but we train our soldiers to be just as merciful as the serial killers, and we reward them with medals.

What is it with that? We decorate how many they killed of the enemy, and don’t lock them up in prison, but worship them like heroes.

I wake every morning, and wonder why do I want to get out of bed… it’s like living in a sanitarium.