Music Realizations

— Music Realizations —


I always thought Pete Seeger wrote Little Boxes, but I learned Malvina Reynolds wrote it. You learn something new everyday, if you have the heart for music realizations… revealing falsehoods that you tell yourself.



Facing the truth is better than believing in lies, they may get you to the next step, but they build a shaky path for you to tread. It’s like the realizations in these lyrics from Malvina Reynolds – “I don’t mind Failing”.



Failing builds character and reinforces the joints, without the ticky tacky for support. I’m filled with ticky tacky to mend my joints, I’ll succeed without ticky tacky, but my impatience is the gatherer of Ticky Tacky.

Every impatience is a gatherer of ticky tacky, it’s what you cob job to get it done, that is ticky tacky. It won’t last, but it will last for you, and as you die, it will decay or need to be replaced.

You could be successful, but it requires to walk on the backs of others, instead being the back walked upon. I have anger issues with the people wearing spiked heels, it’s usually the nurses and the doctors, and also people in the accounting depts, they see what they want to see, they don’t listen to what you see.

The truth is a heavy burden, but it’s the truth, and you want to carry it as a treasure, but it’s a seed.

You need to plant it, where it can grow.



What’s next in this playlist of rambling on of the truth of music realizations, this is the season of the truth. It’s sad, that we’re serving the lies of Santa Claus that feed the monsters of corporations. He seems so jolly, the way the marketers present him, but inside he’s the devil incarnate… it’s the other side of the force, the darkside. There are two forces that make the world go round, light and darkness.

That is the truth, and it’s how we interpret that truth that makes you a conspiracist or an extremist. Where it could be literally or suspiciously, depending on your upbringing, but the rationality fades into nothingness with either one of them.

When you take something literally, when you should look at it metaphorically, the rationality of it making sense to anyone looking at it, is riddled with confusion.   When you suspiciously look at something, it’s tainted with untrustworthiness, so all the rationality is tainted in relation to the suspiciousness.

The truth is a confusing subject, it’s either cruel and unusual, or a freeing joyful experience, but either way it will be rewarding experience. Either it will hurt you or comfort you, but the truth is preferred, rather than believing in a lie.

This song by Ralph McTell singing The Streets of London.
This song is about homelessness and loneliness, in every city in the world. Globally people are lonely, where wars are their only company. They seek refugee status to escape the wars, but they face rejection with prejudices. Look up the meaning of the word “prejudices”.

Jesus said “don’t judge…”. So what about giving him a birthday present this year, by not passing prejudices around like candy on Halloween night, and honoring his instructions for a better world.

Have a Great Christmas holiday!!!