Santa Realities

— Santa Realities : Delusional Pleasures —


santaI remember the Christmas Eve that Santa was revealed a phony. I got up to see if the presents arrived when I was 4 or 3, and my parents were in the kitchen with my Grandparents, and they were partying or just talking, and under the tree there were my presents. A peddle car that I could drive, I was so excited.

My parents would have to go to bed and walk past the tree to reach their bedroom,  and when I questioned them in the morning, they said there was nothing under the tree when they went to bed. It was an outright lie, coming from the parents that would ground me for lying. So I lied to them, and continued to see what this whole charade was about.


I‘m 58 years old now, and I still don’t know what’s it about. I know it has something to do with love. It’s a shame that you have your children believe in a lie, yet condemn them for lying… it sends a mixed message.

I think the spirit of Christmas suffers, being cut up to supply the corporations with the profits, with their commercialistic junkie fixes. I hate the commercialism aspect, and Christmas is just too commercialized.

Instead of feeding the gift of giving, we feed the corporations with looking for the next sale price. Unbeknownst to the consumer, the sale price is the regular price before the holidays came round, where they jack up the price and slowly let it simmer back to the sale price.

It’s my suspicions, and not based on fact, cause the cost and price manipulations, we’re at the mercy of the truth of the corporations. You know they’re lying in their commercials, or disguising their agendas in lambskins, but growling like wolves between each other.

I think the spirit of St Nick, is a wonderful thing that should be cherished by every human alive, but not the commercialism of it to keep the spirit alive. It’s like going to hospital to see the old generation on respirators, where the cash registers are the respirators.

I would have appreciated it more being told as a story, like all the other bedtime stories, where we let our imaginations to make our decisions. The truth is more important to the growth of the soul.

The spirit of Christmas should be everyday, instead of one day, that would be one step towards heaven.

I would like to wish everyone alive a very merry Christmas!


a very merry Christmas