Voyager leaving Solar System

— Voyager leaving Solar System


 Voyager leaves the solar system to explore the deep interstellar regions of space.

Deep space is tricky subject, we speculate and we’ve been wrong before in our speculations. It’s a very touchy subject for me, the unknown, I’ve been seeking the unknown all my life, and I’ve came up with these conclusions from my own experiences, more times than not, that I’ve been wrong.

The thought of finding God, is but a dream, or a nightmare for those who believe. It drives you mad, that you believe chopping heads off is the road to paradise, and you blame others for your shortcomings, not that it might be your fault.
No, it must be someone elses fault.

We set out to explain ourselves and recorded the talents during those times, and we grew very much, not in the right direction in my opinion, we progressed into the stone age mentally at least, and the technology surpassed our intelligence. There are those who have technology as a wave that they ride, and when they fall off, they get back and ride the new technology.

While all the rest are hanging on for life trying not to sink or drown. We are now trying to rope another property to drown us in knowledge of deep space, we need to build big boats to carry the masses or eugenics to the people in the shallow waters as the solution.

I’m still waiting for alien contact, rather than deifying all the past exposures to the alien races, cause we’ve been visited before, and a few have been here now. They are more than studying us, it’s their project of education, and ours as well.

I wish they would reveal themselves in all their glory or shame, and prove to us, we have nothing to fear.

I tried to welcome them when I saw their spaceship in 1974, or 73, it was up on the reservoir by the dam, we were looking over the reservoir at a light, and someone said it was a light on the garage of some place up in the mountains, so I stared at it for about 10 minutes, and then it moved erratically and then started coming toward us, no noise in the air, as if it was floating. Then when we went in the car towards the high school which was about an eighth of a mile up the hill, which took us about 8 seconds…we got up there and no spaceship was seen, in a place that was panoramic, as far as the view.

With the speed of the aircraft, we would have seen it… but it was gone. We didn’t see it fly off, we chased it, and it was erased from our minds. At least not from my mind, and others too, but we never talked about it, cause it never made sense to my mind.

Well, I shared with you my experience with the ETs of this world, of course you don’t believe me, and wonder if I’m a madman, and I shared it, that is all I can do. I’ve grown indifferent to the reactions of this story, I think how many times the story changed, as far as my mind tells it, it has not changed.

It’s the recollections of the details that gets blurry, but that was over 40 years ago. It was 15 minutes of our lives, there wasn’t much detail, except awe struck.