34 lives lost in the attack on Liberty

— 34 lives lost in the attack on Liberty —


The USS Liberty was attacked, Israel called it a attack of mistaken identity, that took over an hour and a half, nobody got on the radio and said they were their allies.

There are a few of my friends that joined the Navy, they know first hand the camaraderie of living on a boat in tight quarters for months at a time… I’m a fly boy, so I’ve been called.

This Veteran’s Day is for the 34 that lost their lives that day at the hands of the Israeli War machine, that terrorized the world since it’s beginning over 4000-5000 years ago. They never grew out of their hatred of mankind, but they forgot they are mankind too.

They’re not some chosen people, chosen by God not recognizing the gift of God, but recognizing the pride of God, cause that’s been their tit to suck on for millenniums, as long as they suck on that tit of self importance they don’t have to realize their own sins.

Don’t even get me going about the Arab race that agitates the hemorrhoids of the Israeli ass, they ain’t no saints either. Russian and Asian races are not too nice either, I don’t want to talk about the Europeans and the rest of the western civilizations, cause that’s the US.

The US should stick with the problems at home in and show examples to fix them, rather than showing the world by invasions of dictators and placing a puppet governors of our democracy. Let’s show them a democracy that we’re proud of not the ones we’re ashamed of, usually puppet democracies that we set up around the world.

They shame me, but there are a lot of our infrastructures that are falling apart back home…let’s build a bridge to somewhere, instead of to nowhere.