Mr. Yans who died and made you God?

— Mr. Yans who died and made you God? —


The UN spokesperson Mr. Yans said the US state laws is against the international drugs laws that were made in 1961, you need to learn about the drug, that you criminalized in your ignorance.

It has many blessings that include textile,medicinal, and food…there is probably a lot more that I can’t recall at this time.

You conned the rest of the world for fear of the psychoactive properties, which is a lot safer than the effects of alcohol. Alcohol makes you drunk, getting stoned makes you creative, you’d like us all drunk and stupefied for your pleasure.

Uruguay has stomped its foot down in defiance of your international laws, and who made you God, you are but a microscopic part of God. God planted it here on this planet, and many have farmed it for trade and textile use, that was before they learned of the psychoactive properties of the plants, then the fear set in.

 ” So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself…”

That was said by the President that assumed the power of God too, and made the plant illegal, cause he bought the fear tablet from your power hungry fools.

I’m not a fool, well that last phrase puts me in the school of fools, but I want to stop this madness from gaining anymore power at the expense of the world.

Tell the truth, and stop lying to gain power and control, through deceptions and abuse…and be accountable, for once in millenniums of time.

We the people of the World, know we can cut the strings of your puppets that you set up around the world, but choose our ignorance to stop the chaos of the international order. You continue to push the international law, and get ready for the war, cause we won’t go down peacefully…and when we fight. I’m not talking weapons of iron, but weapons that strike at the core of your power. Weapons that make spirits hurt.

So fear this and run to the nearest safe place with your tail between your legs, and don’t come out until you see you’ve been a bad boy.

I’d like to apologize in advance that I have been a bad boy in writing this rant, but it was in response to your bad attitude with the drug law imposed on a free people, you were able to fool the past Presidents with evil nature of fears as your weapon, against the minds of the people, but those day are over.

We have learned a lot from your mistakes, cause you made us suffer for them…and we’d have to be idiots not to learn from them.

The article that started this rant is here