Vote for me

Vote For Me (a very verbose satirical piece)


100_0361 I‘m not a politician, but I wouldn’t do a better or worse job than the ones we vote for already.

It would kill me.

The way I see age hitting the politicians today, and throughout history, I imagine I’ll be dead before I finish my first term.
I’m drastically honest, and to myself and everyone, that it kills me everyday.

I have an anger management problem, I go into rages that come on uncontrollably, and it takes away my peace and a little piece of my health to my bodily detriment.

So I don’t think I’ll last long, this is my guess, but I’ve been wrong before.
I’m in a wheelchair for 37 years now this July, so I’ve been a born again christian for that long too, but I’ve become disillusioned with the hypocrisy of the churches, I know I’m a sinner, but the churches don’t know they are the sinners too.
They look to judge others for their sins, but they go on with sinning, and that one hour on Sundays or Saturdays isn’t enough to wipe away your sins.
Be a doer of the word, not just listener. Jesus, taught that.
Which could be my lack of sound judgment, cause I’m judging them too.

I can give promises, but I don’t give promises lightly, in fact I disdain from promises. If I say something I know I will not perform, I will tell you.
Which is a sign of the weakness, well I’m weak, and need help

I could be a charmer and a liar, but we all get that from politicians already, in fact every politician, if they weren’t when they took office, they were by the time they left.
I have a way with words, at least the written word. I’m not much of a talker, and even less since the stroke that I had in 2004.

I hate humanity’s stupidity, you claim nobility of humane kindness and then you create wars to kill the innocence, which is very stupid in my opinion, as it is in everyone’s opinion.
I don’t offer what I can’t deliver, the system of politics, seems easy, but involves everyone in the nations of the world, that would wear on my mind and body.
The Iraq war almost killed me, with the lies and destructive nature involved. I fought the war at home with defending and telling the truth, and had been called unpatriotic, because I wouldn’t fly a flag. Well, when the flag is carrying my shame, and you want me to wear it proudly, then do something to make me proud, rather than shameful.

Patriotism varies, from a noble devotion to a moral lunacy”
—W. R. Inge

I’m not telling you I would do good, because no one will do good, it’s all of us.
We need to work together, without judgment of one another, that I see it as the way to an easy and productive life.

I went to school and studied political science for about a year or two, and it confused me, cause I saw a lot of errors in it, and no one was addressing the errors. They were going on and creating more errors, which goes back to the snowball rolling down a hill sucking up the problems and feeding it to itself, and still rolling towards the ultimate end.

I’m getting into psychology terms, which I know less of than political terms, but I know enough of to get me in trouble.
I’ve felt like a snowball rolling down a hill, and wouldn’t want you to suffer it, but you want an honest person to fight for you, before I leave this world, then I will do it.
But I make no promises, simply a yes or a no, would do.
I know I can’t please everyone, and I wouldn’t try.

That’s the truth, and I know there is judgment for that statement, but that’s the truth.
The truth is always hard to swallow when you don’t want to hear it, but it sets you free in the long run, as long as you receive it with grace and it’s not shoved down your throat.

The truth is always displayed, it might be a joy to some and a weight to some others, but it’s makes you free and not chained up by lies.

Vote for me, and I wouldn’t be bought by anyone, I will serve the people…the general people/public, not the individual or the corporations, but the greater good.
I will be a beast for change and rip up this sloppy mess, and make a lot of enemies that grew fat and don’t want change.

You created this system, and it needs an overhaul or it needs to be shot and put it out of its misery.
I’m close to claim the position of the antichrist to bring about the change and put religion to rest, but I’m not the antichrist, nor would I want to kill off religions.

They are the makeup of this world, the foundations, cause they were founded on secure principles, they should last forever, eternity.
Like children, they grow up, and learn through education, not indoctrinated, but educated.
What was to understand of the heavens when you didn’t understand the earthly things, it drove Jesus nuts with your inquisitiveness, but I hope  I won’t be driven nuts with your inquisitiveness, I’m inquisitive by nature myself…and I don’t know anything.

I said a lot in this ad for myself, in this self promoting drawl, but in the word’s of Ludwig Wittgenstein

” I wanted to write that my work consists of two parts: of the one which is here, and of everything which I have not written. And precisely this second part is the important one.”

So if you see me as a trustworthy fool, then make me your president, I despise the debates as a true revealing of your character, you make assumptions and presumptions the two foolish characters of a fool. Which I’m capable of, but not willingly.

The debates are like a fishing competition, where the fools line up the fishes and you watch the fools fishing in a pool… where is the realism in that?
Remember it’s what they haven’t said, is what’s is important… not what they promise you in their campaigns, because you know it won’t come true in your lifetime.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and it’s the politicians job to build that road, since we’re already there, I want to take part in the building of the road, then the politicians can go to hell faster, and leave us alone.

Oh I forgot my sinful nature, I shouldn’t say go to hell to anyone, Jesus said never say go to hell to anyone…or you’ll be in danger of the same hellfire.
This is my religion, I’m already in hell on earth today with all the wars on drugs,terrorism,power, pride, etc, etc.

The theory of separation of state and religion, is a myth. A sweetened lie, it makes you who you are, and the thought of relinquishing your religion, for the country is a ultimate treason against God. I’m who I am, because of God, and the thought of betraying God makes me sick.
I don’t see God as a bearded man sitting on a cloud, I see him or they as a collective spirit working towards the good of the universe, and not nations or individuals.
That would make God a perturbed individual, and God is omnipotent.
Together we have the power to change the world, I’m trying to change the world with this statement.

I agree that religion should not be a part of the state, but the state needs to be limited in its powers, and lawyers should be chained to the laws they create, not only chaining the people.

I will hinder my religion, for the sake of servitude of the country, but I will not deny it for the sake of patriotism. It’s my constitutional right, to practice my religion unabridged by the laws of this nation. I reveal it with words my character, but by my actions will it be revealed in truth.

I’m living in my own little world, some say it’s fantasy, but I say it’s not… I’m an imperfect man, that is true, that’s all I know.

I know a lot of stuff, but I master none of it, a renaissance man. I’m a realist to a point.
Well, not a renaissance man, but I like to discuss with renaissance men superficially.

Noun: Renaissance man
1. A modern scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests
2. A scholar during the Renaissance who (because knowledge was limited) could know almost everything about many topics

To get serious and to the point of this satirical piece of self promoting ego trip, we need either a good revolution without bloodshed, but changes that will happen, and not talked of happening.

This was inspired from a flyer stuck in my door from a Jehovah’s Witnesses leaflet named who is qualified to rule the world?
NOBODY, in my opinion, together as a collective in harmony with love as capital for trade, but there is pain in that world, it’s usually the schemers who complain that it will never happen from someone who doesn’t understand the concept of love. Love is a principle, but that’s another subject entirely. I got worked up over someone looking for a messiah, when in all reality, what’s inside of you is the doorway to that reality.

Through a sincere prayer and meditation is the way towards that enlightenment, not listening to empty speeches and focusing on the world, cause that’s the distraction from enlightenment.
Politics is a waste of time, it’s not the unifier, it’s the destroyer of unification.
It lives by sedition, and causing differences, between groups so that they are set into war, and they bet on the winners.

I see this going on in the world, like gods playing chess games, which I got from TV shows that portrayed it as that.

It’s your move.