Obama is making like a king, he doesn’t want to hear people, he wants us to live in fear. The blowback from the drone warfare is at the borders of America. That will be the headlines for doing a terminator type justice around the world.

I live in fear everyday that power goes to their heads, and if it follows suit we lead the world in incarcerations and wars.
We overtook the Russians in the 80’s and have had a big business in wars of all kinds, we didn’t listen to Eisenhower’s farewell speech with the glimmer of the dollar and profits, we were blinded.
America could do no wrong, what a true pseudo patriot would say. I see it as what a traitor would say.



I’ll get to Obama’s display of power, I don’t know if he lives in fear, or he wants us to live in fear. He was supposed to dwindle the debt, but he tripled the debt. It means with fractional reserve banking we are in debt to the max with no hope of ever paying it back. Unless we get credit and forgiven for the debt, I see no way mathematically to bring it to zero.
I don’t know if the national debt is under fractional reserve banking rules, but he said in halfway through his first term he would cut in half the debt, but by 2012 he tripled it.
Who knows what it is now.



It would seem that the debt is impossible to pay off, and you don’t see it.
A con job of all proportions, retards dreaming of the future paying the bankers for the money, they wanted our gold for the piece of paper.
Fiat currency is worthless and only by word is it given value, and you trust the bankers for being bailed out and not charging interest, but when the banks lend you money, interest goes through the roof.
I just got a loan for the property I bought and payed 5%(4.95% to be truthful) in interest, when the savings account I have is paying 0.80% interest. I’ve been patient for too long.



I’m an easy guy to get along with, I’ve been watching this going on for too long.
Well this is the video that started this long rant, Obama saying he would go it alone, without the support of congress, a true king.

Reminds me of the cold war, and the rigid borders of the USSR, is that the way we want to go? The USSR failed, and the country went into turmoil and split up into new countries.

We have enough borders, we only need borders like a prison needs cells.