debate session

Does God Have a Future?

Debate of Atheists and New Age teachers, it covers the things that I talked about, just the other side of the story.

I wanted to be fair, because I understand their point of view, they take it on faith their views that the spirit doesn’t exist.
What they don’t know or have proof that it’s true, but they have their conviction that the spirit doesn’t exist, no matter the proofs of the experiences that it does.
It’s a medium that hasn’t been discovered yet, only by faith do we seek it… and we will find it, I don’t know when we will find it, but the spirit says it’s so, it will be discovered.

Much like the early father’s of science, they had faith to discover it, the truth not the delusions.
Science is another form of religion seeking the meaning of life, the real and tangible form of life, but there is also a spiritual form of life. When it’s discovered, there will be a celebration and enlightenment.

I’m not a debater advocate, I see debates as a waste of time, but if you have an open heart and look at it objectively, where you don’t become bias, you will learn something.