Venting Frustrations

Yelling at God

My God is as Vast as the
Many Populations
in the Universe.

God is as real, as the air we breathe, and the oxygen we need to carry our blood from our hearts, to feed the many organs in our body to thrive healthily.

So forgive me, if I don’t show the respect to God, that God shares with us… God gives us dictators and tyrants to deal with, and we give our other cheek to slap, but we show love in return, but that causes abuse of our passiveness, and weakening of our wills to seem passively subjective, and not objective in anger, which would be our failure.

God hears us, and blesses us or curses us, but our nature is not pleasing to God… so God doesn’t bless us, unless you make money, then all power is in your hands.

Like the Zionists in Israel, or the Russians in Ukraine, and wherever another war is going on. One side is always judging another side, for terrorism, but are blind to their own terrorist acts.

It’s for a good and righteous task, so it’s not terrorism. That was Hitler’s excuse too. The ends justify the means.

It’s the predecessor before war invasions, and the maintaining of that of emotional reasons for vengeance, and the recruiter of invasion forces.

It’s basically lies to build a road towards the truth on the horizon, but it’s a mirage or a delusion… and is filled with dead corpses. There is very colorful rhetoric, to stir up our emotions, and pick up the sword in defense, but not in aggression… “the ends justify the means”.

This world is so screwed up at times, as it is now… we argue over what’s right, or what’s wrong, and are never satisfied with any answer, cause they want to one up, and have the last word, and leaves you dumbfounded and have nothing to respond to.
And they claim victory, but not so sure they won, or if it will be successful or not, so you have to try, and prove that it was right.

We try to prove Israel was doing a genocide in Gaza at the ICJ , that was accused by South Africa, and was presented with an overwhelming evidence of that said genocide.

The prosecution and defense lawyers are always pushing both sides of the fence, closer to the pit of destruction, and they use lawyer talk to make their point… so the thought argument, and counter-argument go on until there is a judgment made… which might be next year.
But I’m left with the question who will pay for the rebuilding of the ruins?
Created by the terror, that the IDF created, and killing their own hostages, that were trying to escape with a white flag up and waving.

Who knows how many they killed with their Hannibal Directive by bombing Hamas and their strongholds. The IDF are reformed terrorists, and who knows what goes on in their bootcamp to make them follow orders.
Our TIs were complete power hungry gods in search of total power, I was angry at them, more than I feared them.

It was my first terror attack or occupation attack, it was my first, well not my first attack, there was the attacks by gangs when I was a kid, and when I walked alone through the projects at night alone, and the rumors of young kids going by you and calling you “whitey” and seeking you to chase them.
Well, it happened to me, but I kept on walking the direction I was going… but I always wondered if I chased them, would I meet their older brothers. I was 12-13 years old at that time.

Terror lives with bullies, and reigns with bullies in their minds… some people are not strong enough to love, instead they intimidate with terror threats. It makes them feel superior to you, and I feel so sorry for them, cause all I see is their inferiority to me.

I can battle them with wit, instead of physical threats, cause that solves nothing in my mind and heart… but love conquers all, and even the proud are humbled by love… cause bullies are proud, so much they are blind to the truth… so I’ll wait till God gives them love, to see what fools they’ve been.

God is many and one in my eyes, but God is always rewarding the truth, and cursing the lies… but he put a loophole with the father of lies, they have power over the world govts, and make the legislation/laws that everyone is accordance with the laws of nations.

It makes him happy, even I failed by my ego’s guidance, and saw it was a distrustful commander of the soul, unless I didn’t trust it, when I saw it was wrong ethically.

I’m out of venting my pressure to God… I just had too blow my top to God.
God is many, and as vast as the universe is, but only one, one that I hear in God’s witness in the spirit… in my prayers.
You may call it the Holy Spirit, but I know the truth of the holy spirit, it’s our connection with the spiritual world, where Satan and the Angels live as speakers for God, but not God… they are one with God too, but God doesn’t rule over them, God only created them, and gave them the freedom they deserve.

As God gave me the freedom I deserve… I’m sick of making flowery rhetoric, so I’m going to say bye, and wish you all the best there is in this world, if you find anything good, best nurture it, and make it a better world.