Propaganda +

Twisting Information
To Fit Your Agenda
In other words “SPIN”.

With the Gaza and Ukraine wars going on for, info has turned into falsehoods, to manipulate your minds, into thinking something else.

A fabrication of data leaving key components of truth out, and it becomes a false reporting lure… a manipulating info, rather than true facts.

The underlying propaganda tactics made, and created by corporations, or in the shadows by subcorporations.

Media corporations is what I’m directing this at, and so many subcorporations, that has a big well known name corporation as master.

They’re send their fishing lines with false stories, and sees who bites it.
Who knows what their agenda is up to, and what they catch are the fools and the naive… and caught in the hype of the lure.

Headlines are the lures they fish with.
Headlines are filled with hype, the flickering lights with lures, to give a target to bite or click. And you want know what they’re talking about, so you bite and realize it’s a click of traps, to click another lure, cause what you assumed was the content, was only a long line of click bait.

Filling the databases with your data, as a sucker, and prone to hype.

It’s easy to get hyped by what you desire, and you can’t see the downside, and the negative sneaks by… like a crook. It’s the design of the lure, to give you what you desire, and take away your freedom at the same time.

It’s best to be aware of your surroundings, and on the inside of your heart and aspirations, as tools.
I was a mechanic, as a choice of my profession, and everything, is compared as a tool, that I can use.

It’s my little dilemma, to see everything as separate from me, and part of me at the same time…
As a tool that I use… if I feel and experience any harm, I can let go and break the connection… it’s a good little safety fuse, for my inner circuitry.

I’m not that smart, heck, I don’t know if it even works, but that’s the road I’m on.

The narcissism beast, is getting a little rambunctious right now… see I need to play with the narcissistic beast, as you would play with your pet… it’s separate from you, but it lives with you, as a pet that you love.

You have to clean it up, when he or she marks their territory, and correct them, sometimes firmly, and even more firmly, if it happens again. 

But never with anger, or otherwise you grow mad, mentally insane. It’s what I experienced with pets, that’s why I don’t want to get a pet, cause it requires a lot of love.

And I need all the love I get… the grace of breathing, eating and being merry, but there are many challenges to life.
Think you are on an obstacle course, and running the race of life, and know the finish line at the end of your race… is death, and rest in a long sleep.

I love sleep, and I get no sleep, cause life is so loud and in your face… like a tool I can use, with an off switch.