Foo Fighters UFOs


Little Orbs
of White Light

The little orbs of white light coming down and never touching and landing on the ground, was like the videos I made a playlist of, and is unexplained sightings.

I experienced one, and a missing 1/2 hour of time occurred  too, or maybe it was an hour.
It was when I was living in a big house behind Prattsville, NY in 1990 -93, the year of the US Census taking. It was up in the Catskill Mt.

It was coming over the hill and across the field, bouncing and floating, a glowing ball of light, with a diameter of about 6 ft or 8 ft. I saw one or two bounces, and then when it got about 50-100ft of me, the time missing occurred.

It looked like this video, no sound in it… so it could be a drone with a light on it.
But I’ll include it in a playlist of the video of this UFO…
Or the FOO Fighters accompanying bombers in World War II… it could be the Foo Fighters too.

Whatever this was, it was like I saw… well not that close and I didn’t see it fly by, it was floating slowly like a bouncing ball, but not touching the ground, and it was Time Bandit too, cause I was up at the house and going in the house, and I didn’t know what happened, cause I was down in the valley on the main road, and then I was in a wheelchair going up to the house about 500 ft away from where I was.

I was missing 30min to a hour of time by the Foo Fighter visit.

I know this I sounds crazy, and that’s why I didn’t say anything about the Foo Fighter, it was before I knew what foo fighter was, it was a small white orb to me, but I saw the UFO over the reservoir in the 1973(Recreation Animation), but there was a group of us, Norm, Shawn, and ???Fergie??? IDK.

I guess I’ve been amazed of the many abnormal things in the skies, I’ve seen… I actually, unless it affected me personally, it went into oblivion in my mind.

I was talking to Fran the other night on the phone, and she must’ve fallen asleep from my narcissistic rambling on seeing that up behind Prattsville. So I wanted to document it, if I die, then I left it back in the world where I got it… I don’t need any junk in heaven.

Well, I just put all the Foo Fighter videos in a playlist at the end of this post.