Determinism vs Predeterminism

Events mapped out like a map,
or Events are predetermined

Vacations are where you choose to go, and events are by your choice, unless you are ignorant, and everything is written in a script, and life is predetermined already.

That’s Determinism and Predeterminism in a nutshell, as easy as I can sum it up. You get to chose your life with Determinism, and it’s all predetermined already in Predeterminism.

I took a Metaphysics 101 in (Salem) Roanoke College, and those subjects were in the class, and was what I read about today, to reacquaint myself with those subjects today… I only read one page… there is more that I need to read, but I found a book on metaphysics, and when I opened the page, there was a page from YellowBook page from Virginia, when I took the class, cause the college where I took it, was in Virginia.

It was a class I learned that looking for the answers of life, that led to more questions, that had no absolute answers, but the questions were multiplying at a phenomenal rate, it was like Ring around the Rosie and going nowhere, but in circles… and NO Answers… not concrete answers anyway.

It’s when I dropped out of college, and made my move into the music production scene, and started Rain Studio… until I found out some porn site was using that name, and I changed to 2rain… and it expired and somebody bought it, and so I settled on

My first lesson of endurance… and it got better and harder all the time. Where I would fail, and get depressed, but I always looked ahead, and thought about succeeding, and got a new positive outlook, after months of depression sometimes.

I guess if you believe in God, then you think God has plans already of what your life is, but those who chose individuality and freedom, they lean to the truth side of life, and those who just don’t care about life, choose the charity side of life, but their riches just unloaded weight off their backs for their philanthropy needs, and they feel relieved.

They’re all wrong… it’s a game of balances… and they’re always changing like spinning plates on various sticks, like a vaudeville act. It can be script written, or random crashing of plates, or buy the spinning plates and automate them.

They make your life easier, and quicker, but they in no way make you enlightened, or chosen, or even special.

You have to choose what you believe in, and seek it out, and maybe you find it, or maybe you don’t, and fail, and feel like a loser… but don’t give up, in the lesson of endurance, that’s what is important… the endurance principle.

You’re running on your own will, as your fuel… if you get poisoned, then the sputtering and backfires happen, and eventually you’ll breakdown from the workings of a sick engine. Which has been my trails of life, but all my failures have been my educational experience, and made me what I am today.

Which makes me angry, and depressed at times, but I always look to the opposite side of life, and see if there is a lesson I could learn, that would bless my life.

“When you get into a tight place, and everything goes against you…
never give up then, for that is just the place,
and time that the tide will turn.”
– Harriet Beecher Stowe