US politics and World Trade

— US politics and World Trade : The interactions between the two —



It seems U.S. Politics and elections seem to distract focus of what’s going on in the world today. Trump is taking center stage, along with Hilllary Clinton’s scandals of the email debacle on her on personal server. Those are covering up the waves on the oceans of world trade practices.

The world politics seems so fluid, without a safe land that is not always changing. That waves aren’t battering a sure rock of truth, instead they’re battering lies, that shift with the force of the waves. I’m sure that they don’t lie on purpose, but over the years with the professionalism of their political careers, they transform into justifying their lies with good intentions.

Intentions are not concrete, whether good or bad. They are not rocks of truth, they can be manipulated to go one way or another, and usually do. Good intentions pave the way to hell.

The shifting islands of elections, they appear sometimes making the public sick, and then disappear without interest. Trade practices, such as the TPP, leave a bad taste in the mouth, depending on who your listening to.


Paranoia seems to be the big destroyer of sound reasoning. Even though you have to be paranoid, to recognize a certain aspect that would be overlooked, but it can be taken to the extremes in the flow of ideas. Where the currents of those ideas are hard to escape the flow, like a fast running rapids of a river.

I’m left with an attitude of confusion, at best. It leaves me confused and depressed. It’s not talking of all the other spin stories, going on in this great nation today. Every news story depends on what paper you read, they are always supporting an agenda with a certain bias spin, which is another form of manipulation and propaganda.


Posting this after having made a bad decision with the purchase of a new musical instrument, has left me even more depressed of ever seeing clearly at all. Without reason you are stupid at best, and dead at worst. The thought of that is depressing.

I wonder what power the words we use have, and I wonder if we make our problems better or worse.

Silence is beautiful… I’m thinking of going into music, instrumentals, no more lyrics, but that made me sick. So I still believe silence is the best medicine, it brings the problem to the surface, where it can be studied, and see the problem’s weaknesses.

Silence is the key to sanity.


Politics is the road to hell or heaven, it depends on which of the shifting sides you’re on. It’s like life itself, you could have so much fear of God in you, that you make God a terrorist, or so much lack of honor for God that condemns you to hell before you reach there, or you could believe in the truth, and have faith when you need it to reach your path through life, and be happy all the way.

I wrestled with all three of those scenarios, and I choose the latter, it’s the most rewarding.

Getting back to the politics of elections, and the interactions of trade policies around the world, it just depresses me. I can’t figure it out, it seems there is no solution. It’s a very confusing subject. It spun me around and around till there wasn’t anything that made sense to me.

It was all noise that made me hear nothing that made any sense. I hope I made that clear to you, cause it did nothing, but confuse me.