Seaboard Rise Songs

— Seaboard Rise Songs : It took almost a week —


musical instrumentI‘ve finally got the Roli Seaboard Rise working, and I’ve come to the realization that the most technical toys, don’t give me more talent, only more empty pockets.

It’s a good machine, but you only get 4 downloads? Who determines the downloads? What if I reach my limit? Am I banned from making music with the Seaboard Rise?

I only downloaded once, and it says, I downloaded twice, and I have four total downloads. What’s up with that?

Also the dark times of performance, it makes it hard to see the separation of notes of the keyboard too. The choice of the dark colored foam, I would’ve chosen a light colored foam, or a two colored foam to be more like keyboards.

It doesn’t have an audio out, I guess I can use my audio out on the computer. They also give you a lame version of an 8 track recorder, called bitwig. I only gave a brief look at the program, and it required a large amount of my personal physical memory to make it work. It wasn’t too intuitive either. It was a personal resource hog, maybe because I’m old and out dated, but I tend to differ.


I realized I didn’t have any new talent, but we’ll see next year, after I’ve had the chance to get used to my new toy. I actually tried to play the electric Steinberger guitar, it was less intrusive to my back, but it was a strain after 15 minutes. I could go all night with the Roli Seaboard Rise on my lap, the only thing is being free with the bluetooth wireless. I only have a PC, and bought a bluetooth USB, and it’s a version 4, but it does not recognize the Seaboard Rise.

I guess I could shell out more bucks, and buy a Mac. but that’s not going to happen.

I spent the $800 on this machine, and Sweetwater called today, and asked if I was going to send it back, I told them NO, but I wasn’t happy that there was no audio out. I know I could go out through my PC, but what if there was no audio out on my PC. It requires more spending on a way to get the audio out, rather than placing an audio buss in the circuitry on the Seaboard Rise, and be done with that.


I have the sound on my PC, using the Realtek speakers, but choosing in my preferences with the Vegas multitrack software, I’m used to. They only give me the Realtek mics as a choice, and when I record it, it sounds lame and thin. It uses the lame mics on my laptop.
I need to explore that too.

I was going to give you a song, but I only came up with a lot of noise, and as I explore the new sounds, I have no way to record it. So I guess I can record it with the audio mics through the Zoom R8, it says they’re good mics built in it, I guess I can try that.

I tried it, and I’ve not had any talented success with it, it sounded like bands tuning their instruments. So, I’ll spare your ears. You can hear the Seaboard Grand, which has an audio out, it also has oscillators in it. I’m thinking of getting one of these, when I’m rolling in dough…