Review: Just Before I Go

— Review: Just Before I Go —


I saw this movie ” Just Before I Go ” a couple of times, I was always suicidal, so I could relate to it… that was before I met God, which is a collective of everyone alive, from what I understand.

Not to get into preaching, but I want to talk of the emotional sensitivity that gay people were conned with, it’s that you’re just too/so sensitive, and you’re not attracted to penises. You may think I’m gay bashing, but I like to face the truth… you’re just a sex maniac who can’t control your urges, and someone conned you into believing you’re gay.

There I said it. I strongly believe that. You’re just a sensitive guy, maybe effeminate even… but you don’t want  “a bowl full of penises”.

Anyway now to the movie review… that is different from this anal retentive review.



There was a saying in the movie about a magpie liking shiny things, which I found out wasn’t true, magpies avoid shiny things, but the saying, that it matters there is more to life than shiny things… the new trending things.


“The Magpie features in a Rossini opera, ‘The Thieving Magpie’, or La Gazza Ladra. This opera tells the story of a pet magpie that steals shiny objects, resulting in an innocent servant almost being sent to the gallows after being accused of the magpie’s crimes.”


Anyway, this was supposed to be about the movie ” Just Before I Go  “, and the thought of ruining the memories, tarnishing the memories is more like it. What was once a shiny memory, became a dark tarnished memory, that brought pain and hardship to all involved.

Don’t worry they got a metal cleaner by the end of the movie, and all was shining again.

I’m into talking about the memories that I went through watching this movie, the fact that people judge me on their prejudices and not on the facts, in fact their facts are conjectures and outright lies deduced by hearsays about me… and the delusions they came up with is instilled in them, as absolutes.

Which is the root of the problems in the world, everyone judging others basing their judgments on their religions, politics, sexual preferences, it’s all trash that will be discarded in the end, along with everything you thought was true. Your imaginations won’t contain your futures… it’s more vast then you can understand.

Ooops, I’m back to preaching… It’s hard not to share without preaching. I liked the movie, even if you don’t like the movie, I think you should look at it, and take whats good out of it.

I’m all for the free stuff… all the prodigal natures that destroys me. There must be something good in prodigality, it’s figuring out the things that work, cause you’re carefree and never would’ve done it, if you were responsible and anal retentive.

I loved this movie as virtual gem that this magpie has gathered to put it in it’s nest. Sharing it with all the detriment that it entails, and the constructive natures that it instills, but the negative reviews only focus on the bad things, and it had many bad reviews. I sat through it and it pushed away the gay agenda, which I’m dead against, but I took from it, all the goodness it instills.

I just could just relate with all the things in the movie ” Just Before I Go “, cause it was like a parallel to my life.