TPP fails with The House

— TPP fails with The House —


The bill fails with the House today, which stalls its progress on the Fast Track.


“…Republican leaders then passed, in a 219-to-211 vote, a stand-alone bill that would grant the president the trade negotiating authority he sought. But that measure cannot go to the president for his signature because the Senate version of the legislative package combined both trade adjustment and trade promotion…”


After the bill failed the Republicans then passed a stand alone bill, giving the President the right to dictate trade deals… so it was not a full victory for the people, though the senate passed the bill combining both the trade aspects, the house fails the total bill, even though they passed half of it. I’m not Democrat or Republican on this issue, I’m for what’s right and fair for the people. I’m against the secrecy of the bill, much like I’m against Obamacare, I want to read it with the transparency promised, and not meet a wall of shame and secrecy.

We need a president that would stand up to the corporate interests, and not cower into deceptions of the people they serve. The key word is serve, not lord over, or rule over.

Somewhere they forgot what we fought the revolutionary war over, our country is quickly surrendering our principles and dignities to the clutches of the tyranny monsters. The eagles of America turned into the zombies of the future…it’s a quick transformers, where machines take another form, but we don’t like it.

We are helpless with the crowds taking us over the fiscal cliffs, where the voice of the individual is silenced by the voices of the crowds and the majorities. The tyrannies of democracy, it isn’t always right, it’s the dictatorship of the majority.

Which doesn’t make it right, it only satisfies the majority, which can be bought by the ignorant. You picked Obama for a second term, I speak no more. I voted for him the first term, but the blatant lies after the fact, I was dead against him for the second term. I was dead against Bush for the second term too, but I had a stroke and was in the hospital, and couldn’t vote.

I thought the votes was a justification for democracy, giving everyone a vote, but the more I study democracy, I see it as a pacifist gesture.

The people are conned into believing in their illusions of freedom, which become their delusions, and trying to break free from the chains means another heartaches and wars, to form new bogus principles, that will live in the minds of the people for a short time. The more we watch the news, the more we listen to the propagandists, truth mixed with hidden agendas, that is their goal, to manipulate the public.

The TPP failed today in the house, but the Republicans quickly passed a bill that gave a stand alone victory to the president with dictatorial powers, that he asked for, but that is not the transparency that he spoke of before he started laying in bed with the corporations, and calling the kettle black with the presidency before him, and also wanted the power of the govt being transferred to the corporations through the TPP.

It’s fascism with the cloak of goodness. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, to use a more familiar metaphor.

Who’s to say that he doesn’t serve the public, but corporations?

Well, it isn’t me… I’m just like you…a small piece of the public.