Underground Wars of Nature

— Underground Wars of Nature —


I had a dream last night of someone digging up my backyard and the organic parasites that were attacking some plant, which I forgot the name of, and the persons that were digging were killing it… which brought to mind the wars that we don’t see, because it’s underground.

Plants communicate through the root network, there have been numerous studies to prove that, a forest is close knit community where every tree and plant, is like one big family, like small city where everyone in the city knows its neighbors by gossip and talk, they deal in a slow way between each other, it might take 1 or 2 days where one tree and another tree share the same nutrients through the roots system that connects the trees.



I’ve been searching some tube parasite that latched on to the tree or plant’s root system that I dreamed of, but no luck yet. I’ll include a video documentary dealing with a hidden world because of it’s size, titled Life in the Undergrowth.

This is talking about the life so small, and I dreamed about under the earth, but I have to deal with this before I go deep. These are the wars going on between the insect world.



The thought of tundra in the arctic as a dead soil, is in fact, that it is different than that, as the following video tells.



Lets hope we don’t suffer for all the mysterious things going on in the world at the microscopic level, that we don’t see with the naked eyes.

I’m learning of new things too, I’ve been searching all day, and no luck finding this tube parasite that was attacking the plant or tree, I can’t remember, but I remember a picture of it in my dream, there was a vein in it, like a heart, it was light green grey. I know it was a dream, but the voices I hear in my head, said it exists, but people don’t know about it yet.

I don’t know what part of the world this exists in, but somewhere in the tropics or the arctic, but somewhere in the world.

Nematodes make up more living beings than any other organism in the soil, there are over a hundred nematodes in a gram worth of soil.  A handful of soils carries over 1000 of nematodes, which are basically worms, but at a microscopic level, nematodes can be big too. There are over a million species, we only know of about 25,000 defined.

Here’s a video of a nematoda.



I’m still looking for the dream parasite it was about 4 inches long and 4 or 3 inches wide and was locked on the root system, I know it was a dream, but I may be on a wild goose chase, but I know it exists. I’ll find it before my death… or after my death.


I‘ve been looking for beneficial nematodes vs bad parasitic nematodes, there are more bad ones than good ones, which makes it hard to choose the good ones. There are over 25,000 of them, and I heard of them before, but never checked them out, in the depth I learned about them today.

I made the a long list of nematode videos included at the bottom of this page, it boggles the mind, at least my mind. I found this next video to clear up the fog in my mind about nematodes.



Well, I didn’t uncover any war crimes, except the world is cruel at the core, but also good at the core too. We have to figure it out to clear up the wars going on in ourselves, and we learn.

It would be much better to learn while we are happy, but that’s the cruel part of the world.

I certainly learned a lot about nematodes, more than knew before, hopefully I’ll sleep soundly tonight, and won’t have nightmares digging up my backyard.

Warning :  If you’re using nematodes, be sure you wash off your vegetables before you eat them, I have a weary feeling about nematodes