Eye of the Storm

— Eye of the Storm —

  Caught between 2 worlds
looking for a break in the storm
looking for the light of a new day coming
to wash all the troubled sea away

but who am I
in the eye of the storm
who are you
when the storm blows through

Reaching deep in the soul of my troubled self
I find my love is sleeping contently on the shelf
while my pride rages on in the night
I pray that what’s sleeping awakens in the light
and knows

Who they are
in the eye of the storm

inept from knowing the outcome of the storm
I walk along the shores in search of those
who were tossed up on the reefs
and sinking in the sand
it’s time to understand
when you’re

in the eye of the storm
the light starts to form
in the eye of the storm

The Story

This came down from some church in Sitka, AK while I attended college at SJC. It came down like a sign from above, literally.

It was a page of a comic cartoon story of someone entering the eye of the storm, that came down from the balcony and landed on my lap, cause I was in a wheelchair and just under the mezzanine, so I didn’t see who dropped it.

I saw it as a sign from God, it was in my youth, I saw God as something different then, I see God as the same way I always saw God, just a different understanding of God.

It’s like you see something all your life, like water, and you learn about it more. You go to college and study water, your understanding of water is so much more stronger. You understand it more, and don’t look at it as a kid anymore, and have more knowledge of water, the different PH, alkalinity vs acidic.

Your understandings are more concrete, like a fort… I think there was a fort in the cartoon, but I lost it over time.

I just remember the “Eye of the Storm”…

UPDATE : (I found the pictures on a single page that fell over the mezzanine, one side of the page, and the other side of the page). The funny thing is there is no “Eye of the Storm” in the cartoon page.



You can fix the words anyway you want, I figure I’m giving up music, not the love for hearing it, just fighting the music industry, since the stroke 10 years ago, I don’t feel the right side anymore, which is my strumming hand, and anyone who plays guitar can understand what it feels like.

I need feeling in that hand, it requires feeling to hold a pick, so I went back to playing with my fingers…I haven’t played guitar in 9 years, it always depressed me when I played, so I gave it up. In fact I gave up keyboards too, but I’ll always love music more than anything in this world, except family and friends.

Music has always been a comfort playing and listening, so I tried to get back to the guitar this year, I just don’t practice everyday, in fact it’s been over a month… but I dream about it a lot.