Humility vs Pride

— Humility vs Pride —




Humility is humble and empathetic, sensitive to other’s feelings. Pride is a blind emotion, and quick to pick up a gun and kill at will, like it’s their duty.


 “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (Proverbs 3:34)


I know defense is blessed, but mankind is proud when they go to war, and the spirit of the world is dark at the edge of war. Pride becomes the driving force, and your pride is blind, or poor sighted at best. Feeling the walls of hearsay to make accusations that are determined to be an outright lie, when the war is done, and rather than feel ashamed, you feel you did right by the removal of another dictator.

But the puppetmaster is pulling the strings on your war machines, and pulling the nations into war, and using a blind pride as the force to motivate participation, through a claim of patriotism.


“You’ll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race.”
George Bernard Shaw, Heartbreak House


The wars of this world is run by hatred and patriotism, oh and a gain from looting, on some falsehood that gives a small group of people the moral high ground.  “The truth is the first casualty of war”, I’ve seen it in every war since I was born.

I like to think I’m humble enough to realize that it’s the resources of what we are fighting for, and not freedom, or an ideology we disagree with and villianize it to extremes.

We enslave each country with the debtors prisons, and we call it freedom.  We establish a central bank in each nation we invade, and that central bank enslaves with a debt that they charge interest on, and the cycle of the thief is reborn and reproduces more offspring.

What goes on in your mind, I’m just stating facts, what goes on in your minds is filled with errors and suspicions. I deal with love and money as separate objects, and I don’t lend to make a profit, I lend out of love, or I don’t lend at all.

I can see lending at a modest interest rate, but not the usury that goes on today, especially when the banks lend, they get money for nothing and they lend it out as a valuable thing, there is something wrong with that. They have to keep a fraction of their deposits, where $100 deposits, makes for $1000 loans through fractional reserve banking.

I believe in banks that are community minded, like the one George Bailey worked for in ” It’s a Wonderful Life“, but there was a flip in the 30’s where the other side got power and became the norm. It was always the norm in their eyes, but we have been at war with them for centuries, or even millenniums, whose to say?



Humbleness is the backbone of this country where freedom is a goal that has been covered by the pride the curtain of mankind. So they seek pride to gain freedom, but it’s separate from pride and isn’t delivered by pride. Pride is a dark filter on the horizon, it gives beautiful sunsets, but doesn’t give you the sun.

Pride is good as a treat, but not as the main diet of mankind. When it becomes the main diet, we are like beasts ripping at a carcass, and high fiving each other at each bite that we take.

In moderation pride is good, but as a sole force it’s like a tidal wave.

I pick as a winner of this debate, the one everyone picks as a loser, humility.

Think about it, so would you, if you were honest, but humility would reject the offering, with a sincere thanks for it, but he doesn’t want the spotlight, and would surrender the title to pride, cause he needs the lift.