Ukrainian NeoNazis Crucify a Pro Russian

— Ukrainian NeoNazis Crucify a Pro Russian —

I don’t want to fall into the trap of stereotyping the nation of the Ukraine, it has normal people too, that are trying to survive the madness of political parties and ideologies that vie for power over the nation, so that the individual is hopeless, the same here in our country too. So when I say, I don’t want to be Ukrainian, I’m more or less talking about the dictatorship attitude in this video.

his is sick and disgusting, and what happens when we all go mad.

According to Alex Jones, but he is filled with making money, and always filled with commercials, so I went searching on more about the facts.

I found this article.

Here is the video, and you can make your decision, it’s back to dark ages with people looking for power and doing everything they can to get it. Just because they don’t want to be Ukrainian, if this is the Ukrainian way, then I’m grateful I’m not Ukrainian.



The Philippines has a regular show of the crucifixions, the mentality of the world is so dark and undeveloped, their understandings are so shallow, that they need an anniversary to remember the wrong things. Easter is the resurrection of Christ, not the reliving of the crucifixion.

Easter is the new birth of life, where we discard our old stuff and sins, and try to renew our lives, but you want to remember the bad things.

It’s great for you to remember Jesus in this way, when Jesus instructed you to not remember him in that way, but as a resurrected human being returning to God.

I’m disgusted by it, and the mentality of the world to celebrate it. I would mourn it, rather than celebrate it.