WAR Middle East 2015

WAR Middle East 2015 —


Death is in the cries, and it’s supposed to free life. It must be death, that frees the soul from this world.

We are all a part of God, however small it is, but with each death we are killing God, even though it is shedding dandruff for some, cause dandruff is dead skin.

Extreme Islam are radically calling for death to non-Muslims, and even other branches of Islam. Shias are against Sunni Muslims, and fight to the death, why do they fight when God created everything, good and evil.


Isaiah 45:7

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things”


God is at war with himself like a schizo, like myself. I have many voices, I’m arguing with myself all the time. These extremists saying I am great, while they cut off my head. They sicken me… and it won’t be long before I vomit on them, and say you caused it, with your blind pride and deaf ears.

I hear you, God hears all cries from the proud and humble. God hears me more than you who cry “God is Great” while you cut the hand off that steals food to feed his family. God would handle it differently, cause God is merciful and forgiving, and the mankind’s zealous pious monsters are not, they judge with not understanding.

They cry for death to nations, which include a lot of innocent people, and no one wise would do that.

We have a president that warrants the use of drones, but I’m against the use of drones for human target assassinations, except for the use of rescue and recreation would I allow the use of drones, but not execution.

It’s the tools of terrorists and murderers, I’m getting sick to my stomach already. Watch the propaganda or the news, that’s all I see of the world that’s in chaos, which is not regional anymore.