Twitter tweet this

— Twitter tweet this —


Fuck You –

No more will I take your tweets of pain and frustration… and toxic garbage…your tweets are like the plastic garbage ring in the middle of the Pacific.

You pollute the world with your short tweets, and give people a short IQ in return, they’re figuring ways to say it in short tweets, but things get overlooked, and causes misunderstandings, that have a toxicant effect on the human nature.

So while you’re making people dumb, and that can’t grasp anything that requires a thinking mind, without a phrase that encapsulates their thinking in a small cramped box. Then the minds locked up in your prisons of minds, I set free.

All you twitterites you are set free to speak your mind, over 140 characters. SMS needs to be longer. It was a good idea to speed up the learning process, but cramped for the people who like to think and understand, it’s great for the shallow-minded minnows that like to swim freely, that contain their understandings in a thimble, but I have oceans of understandings that can’t be contained in a thimble.

No more cans of sardines on twitter, I tried to join you and you constantly wanted me to cast off my shields giving you more info about me, which I wouldn’t do, and now I totally blocked you from my computer, but you’re getting in through the CLOUD, which I found is my doom.

The cloud was designed to free up the resources and be more secure, but the corporations got control of it… now it’s a fascist control of the crowd/cloud. The storms are brewing, and you see the lightning in the clouds that have formed.

Tweets sparked the lightnings.

Beware of the lightning rod.