UFOs or UAPs? It’s unidentified, is all that matters.

Icame across this thing on Youtube where legions of ships, like the Star Wars movies, were filling the sky. I guess it could be fake, but this, is like real time… which could be another con by real actors.

I just wanted to post this and you can make up your own mind about it…

I saw my first UFO in 1973, and here is a reenactment of it, a rather shabby reenactment, but the music is where I felt racing and anxiety all in one emotion… which I feel, is the effect of music on the human condition.

Well, that’s my interpretation of the effects of music on the human soul… you may have another outlook I want to hear, but that’s mine… free of charge.

We see things in the skies, and I began not being amazed at the things in the skies during the 90’s sometime, because mankind began landing on the Moon when I was 12 years old… and it seemed mankind is still corrupt, so the cons follow him to the skies… we need strong ethics, if we want to go to heaven, which has become a forgotten memory.

Rather, than go into another long rant, I’ll leave you to ponder the Youtube videos… but the first one is only a couple of days ago… real time not a reenactment.
You can watch it, and assess it yourself…

You have to go to youtube to watch it… it takes away from the the experience.