Delusional Ownership of Music = Copyright




God gives you music, and you don’t want to share it with anyone.

You want to sell it instead… or some self vision of a self-replacement for God by the atheists… and called fame.

It’s given to you by grace, or God drives you mad until your death.


I thought I owned music at first, but after I thought about it, I was graced with the rhythm, and melody of only 12 semitones… arranged in unique way to make it my own.
But the more I thought about it, I felt I was walking down a delusional road to nowhere… where I owned nothing.

The way of the Natives of this country, where they don’t own anything, much less the land where they stand. They own only themselves, but that is the Great Spirit’s property, and they’re graced with its use… for the time they’re here.
I could go on and on with my philosophies, but I digress to a long windiness verbal dialog, that is tedious to follow, so I won’t… but know it lives in me.


I wrote this song several years ago with the ©opyright phase being governed by money and greed… it disgusted me…
It doesn’t contain any lyrics, except just “No More Copyrights“, and copyright free loops from the discs that I bought with Acid from Sonic Foundry, and images from Pixabay.

It has a message… but you give it to yourself… silently, I guess.

Words distort the music/song… it’s like commercials… they look to manipulate your thinking.

I’m having a hard time writing new songs, cause I’m in the middle of a wrestling match with my demons, and the words I come up with, are just manipulators.
Eventually, I’ll come up with the final musical collection, that I will be satisfied with, and you will be satisfied with too.

I’ll probably be dead before that happens…but it will be done, and off of my back.

WWE is a lifetime wrestling match… the only thing it’s outside of my body, and its entertainment… but no one witnesses what goes on inside of my body… and the wrestling with the demons and the delusions, that attack my mind.
It’s what made me suicidal all of my life… but God freed me from that… like God freed me from the hunger for fame, and showed me it was only a manipulator of the masses.

Well, here is the song made from loops and video images, and contains only my mind and voice…
So take it as it is.