Cyber Wars Coincides With the Ukraine War


The world is becoming a lie, countries turning on their allies, fueled by the propaganda of the news media… which distorts the facts into a propaganda pieces, through their paranoia.
Which spreads the propaganda like a wildfire, throughout the world.

I guess I’ll fade into darkness, or become a supernova, and shine like the star, that we all are.

It brings up the cyber warfare, that’s going on, as we type, and surf around the Web.

It’s been going on since the Ukraine War has been going on… it first started with propaganda, as all wars do, and became more lies, from the news medias to feed the emotions, of those wildfires… which spreads the falsities, like a non-contained wildfire.

Killing the wildlife/public with terror and smoke, and fire in the end.

It’s just a thought that passed through my mind… it’s a mess without a resolution to fix it…
You know that sites you visit, have been not been working, as they’re supposed to.
There is, a war going on behind the scenes, an invisible one… you don’t know the matrix of cyber existence, cause you visit consumer sites.

There is so much going on behind the screen, in your PC, Linux, Mac, that will confuse you to say the least, it even confuses me… which I already am… “dazed and confused”…

Soul of a woman was created below, yeah.” …is the one line from the song that I can remember.
The soul of a man was created by God… I don’t know at all… it just confuses me… which is why I’m left, “dazed and confused”.

So, to get back to to the invisible cyber warfare, that is going on the web now.
Don’t click on any links in your email, or you’ll find the turmoil and the infections, like I did… it’s scripts that infect you, and they run in the background, once you’re infected…
I guess the sites like can block the scripts/virus, that I have, so you’re not infected… but it’s not proven to me, so far.

Anyway, beware of the false stories, and major propaganda pieces, that follow you all around the world, to distort the info wars of knowledge… so that you don’t know what’s true anymore.

We all have to face our demons/fears someday… it’s when you are vulnerable, that you’re surprised by what you fear.

Be safe… and don’t be caught being vulnerable… tell him he’s just a thought… and leave my mind… it pisses him off.

Just have fun, and go on through this mess mankind created… it’ll be over someday.