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— Twitterville or Troll City —


I like the goals of twitter to limit the verboseness and stop boring people, but they’re just another troll breeder machine. Tweets to bring down the birds. Who tweet for the sake of tweeting.

Sometimes you need more than a 140 character limit to say what you want to say. It’s in my opinion, a form of censorship, that comes in so subtly, as a way to minimize the message. Though it does perfect the architectural aspect of the languages…choosing words to articulate the point, you want to make.

So, in a way I like the idea of Twitter, but not the way it’s applied to society. As an accepted form of self censorship. That is a dangerous road to censor the content for the sake of profit. Then censorship is like Chris Christie saying “Sit Down And Shut UP“, and we accept it as normal.

If he doesn’t like what you have to say he talks over you, and chooses the short phrases to negate your points, cause they aren’t his points.


The Road to Despotism

The road to dictatorship, instead of freedom, where despots rule, instead of the people are in control.

I’m considered a Troll, by some that I consider a Troll. I view everyone alive as a Troll with an undisciplined opinion. We are all here to discipline our speech habits. Some are rude and childish, and some are dry and boring. How we articulate our opinions is the making of trolls or kings/queens.

Twitter has the followers, I haven’t tweeted, they didn’t let me join. I didn’t give them what they wanted, or it was some script that was denied by NoScript. I’m grateful that I never joined, because I like my mind.

I understand the concept, to lessen the reading for a short point, rather than a long boring spiel.


That’s why I’m not against the Twitterville mindset, but the way it’s applied to society. I’m against. “Follow my tweets on Twitter”.


Say something, rather than making vain tweets, for the mindless followers. It’s like feeding the pigeons in the park. That’s why I’m not against the Twitterville mentality, but the senseless tweets for the sake of tweeting. It’s poisoning the pigeons to satisfy your noble quests, but in reality, it’s nowhere near noble.

This is a short message, and no way, it would fit on Twitter… but I don’t care.