Swarms of the World

— Swarms of the World —


Swarms of animals and bugs, inside this video. I keep putting the video in and PBS wants to sell it, and keeps breaking the links… it was a good video. It should be shared with the Public, it defeats the purpose of PBS to exist.
Click on the link, if you want buy it.

I will compare this to the urban crowd mentality, according to Le Bon.


I find that mankind is capable of stupidity too, as a mob, they go to war, wearing the cloak of patriotism,nationalism,common causes, etc., to bring peace with the commemoration of death and chaos.

I don’t know about you, but I think that is the most stupidest thing to do. If it was to defend, I would like that, but when it’s aggressive, it belongs in the stupid category.


 Le Bon watched crowds, and came up with these ideas from watching them.

I woke today seeing the above video on animals and insects, and thought I should do a piece on the human animals.

I been trying to block the access to this site from spammers and sploggers, and that crowd I wish would go away and die peacefully, rather than creating more mess where they tread.

It might be a crowd study practice, going on covertly with the intelligence agencies, but what do I know.

The Black Friday going on after Thanksgiving is later this month:

 This is a video of people trying to enter the Urban Outfitters store at Midnight. They only destroyed the anti-theft devices, they killed a Walmart customer a couple of years before.
 This is the same store one year later, and they called in security guards to control the crowd, they look tame this year.The Video was terminated by youtube


Then there is this video of a north Buffalo Target store on Black Friday  where people got hurt by the crowds rush, and not thinking or being courteous.

Animals, marine creatures and insects make the mob mentality seem beautiful, but humans make it seem stupid and ugly. I see this year as an ugly year, unless we live by love’s principles, money buys things, but love gives things.

When you’re in a crowd giving the other people in that crowd recognition and are courteous to them, that is love. When you’re only looking at the reasons for the crowd in the first place, that is selfishness and greed.

The season of love and rejoicing is upon us, spread love and good cheer, instead of selfish consumerism of the mob mentality.

The thoughts of spreading the Santa lies, I see it as abuse of the children of the world, cause you lie to them and don’t tell them it’s a story, lie reading them a storybook at night, when they go to bed.

They wait up to catch Santa coming to their house.

When I was 4, I waited for the big fat consumer tool, and he never came, but I saw the gifts under the tree and my parents and grandparents partying in the kitchen. I asked them, if they saw Santa Claus in the morning, and they said when they went to bed there were “no gifts under the tree, so he must’ve came after we went to bed.

Waking up to catch Santa, I knew they were lying… but I got a lot of nice toys that year.

I grew up to the reality of this world at a young age, when your own parents lie to you, but curse you for lying to them.
You love them, because they’re your parents.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but I see that mentality as a crowd mentality too, lying for the corporations profit. Selling the story of Christmas as a reality, but early on when I went into the stores, I felt everything, but loving crowds. There was a thousand Santas on every corner, growing up in Brooklyn, made my life easy, but confused me to no ends.

It replaces the Christ, with consumerism and a fat clown to sell the story. It’s what we are to be thankful for?
If Santa was read to me as a story, and I didn’t see the lies that came with it, then I would have grown up differently.

That’s water under the bridge already, and I should not dwell on the past, but I’m into presenting Santa as a story to understand the principle of love, like you read a child’s storybook for bedtime.
Leave the child to lie to himself/herself with their imaginations.

That is true freedom and love.