Tsipras Resigns : Greece goes to the Polls

— Tsipras Resigns : Greece goes to the Polls —



At the end of January they elected him, and now with Europe giving the Greeks another bailout… austerity rules, and when we face our bailout here, hopefully we won’t deal with the austerity measures that Greece did.

Doomsayers are like echoes on the TV channels, and there are the other side that saying there is nothing to worry about, the Fed printed more money. The more money we print is nothing, when the more money we print makes the dollar weaker.

Tsipras of the Syriza party, will be more likely be re-elected or not, I don’t know what’s going on there… I receive only parts of the story, not the complete story.

From what I can tell Tsipras was negotiating with the creditors and half his party was dead set against another bailout, and this is the reason for a snap election supposed to take place September 20th. The Syriza party will probably split into two separate parties. Tsipras will still run, but he doesn’t want the anti-bailout in his party to throw sticks in the wheels of his solutions.

I’m having a hard time understanding our problems here in the US, I never studied economics before the last couple of years, I think I should have, but I’m not interested in the greedy diseases.




I guess I’ll wait to see what happens with the Greeks after September 20th… what kind of chaos will become of it, or order.

There have been protests over the last few weeks… some violent.

The drachma is like trying to revive a dead body, it was dead before the change to the Euro.

As far as the fiscal policies here in the US, I see the money system as a scam with the controlling banks setting interest rates in collusion with the stock markets, building a hill that the middle class won’t get to the top of, if they do they fly away and bomb the hill… causing it to crash. After the crash the Feds give their fiscal suggestions to rebuild it, but they put the same people in charge responsible for the crash in the first place.

I see it as a sick game… and I don’t play games. I did play games in the 80’s, but I realized that the more I played games, the more I did nothing. I hope my life will be more that that, but I guess not…cause reality is a game in itself.